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New playgrounds opened

Author: USS Košice

Kosice, May 27, 2008 - A new playground was opened today at the village of Haniska pri Kosiciach, which the local children had wanted for a long time. "Considering the size of the village, we were able to build two areas thanks to U. S. Steel Kosice where the children will have the opportunity to do sport or play on the climbing frames," said clearly pleased village council leader Mr. Milos Barcal. This is the 23rd in a series of playgrounds built with the support of the steel company.

"Safety and environmental protection are two of our basic business principles," said U. S. Steel Kosice Vice President Human Resources Martin Pitorak when opening the playground, "and we apply these values also to community support through certified and modernized facilities for children and young people, where they can spend their free time safely and actively."

Along with its partnership with the JUH (South) city ward in building a traffic playground and development of the multi-functional Fun-Sports Area on Alejova Street in Kosice, the steel company has supported the building of modern sports-grounds at the Secondary Nursing School in Michalovce, the Secondary Metallurgy School in Kosice and the Bruselska Street Elementary School in Kosice, as well as a new school swimming pool in the village of Buzica, a sports-ground in Resica and children´s playgrounds in the villages of Sokolany, Nizny Klatov, Vysny Klatov and Valaliky to the value of several million SKK.

The results of the grant program Together for the Region were announced in May 2008. The program was organized by U. S. Steel Kosice in cooperation with the Carpathian Foundation. A total of 1 million SKK was divided among the 12 winning community projects, which focused on the leisure activities of children and young people, environmental education, safety, sports activities and maintaining cultural values.

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Together for the Region

1. Slovak scouting, East Slovakian region, Presov
Project: Volunteer guards at the castle, 94 000,- SKK

2. Village of Druzstevna pri Hornade
Project: Compost - our green treasure, 91 290,- SKK

3. Sports Club Druzstevnik Panovce
Project: Panovce - Know your neighbor, 87 822,- SKK

4. Creative House in the Countryside n.o., Drienovec
Project: Roma Gallery - Room for community cultural events, 97 400,- SKK

5. Village of Koksov-Baksa
Project: Joy for our little sunshines, 68 850,- SKK

6. Literary Club "Prave orechove", Kosice
Project: Earth without stories = Tree without roots, 99 980,- SKK

7. Slovak Scouting 66. The Eduard Korpoyan Troop, Nizne Ruzbachy
Project: Climbing Wall - a means of local community reinforcement, 100 000,- SKK

8. SOPKA n. o. (Sena´s Relaxing - Dynamic Cultural Activity), Sena
Project: Running track renovation and building of children´s playground,
100 000,- SKK

9. Village of Zlata Idka
Project: Maintaining cultural heritage in mining and metallurgy at Zlata Idka,
50 000,- SKK

10. Village of Zemplinska Teplica
Project: The Hall of Traditions in Zemplinska Teplica, 99 500 ,- SKK

11. The Association of Parents and Friends at Denesova Street Kindergarten, Kosice
Project: Creation of a safe environment for children, encouraging them to follow Road Traffic Regulations, 91 158,- SKK

12. The Parents´ Association at Gemerska Street Elementary School, Kosice
Project: Natural Green Barrier - School Herbal Garden, 20 000,- SKK

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