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Steelers' philanthropy culminates at Christmas time

Author: USS Košice

Kosice, December 4th, 2009 - Tomorrow the official Kosice Christmas Opening will be taking place on the Main Street in Kosice next to the Immaculata statue. U. S. Steel Kosice has prepared this St. Nicolas event with a rich program for younger and older inhabitants together with City Hall.

At the same time, at 5pm, the steelmakers' Christmas charity market hut will be opened. Every day from December 5th to 23rd, from 10am till 8pm, it will provide space for nineteen not-for-profit organizations to present their activities. In addition, visitors can contribute to these organizations' further development within public fund-raising. The hut is run by volunteers who are either employees or students on scholarships from U. S. Steel Kosice.

On Friday, December 11th, the Wishing Tree Christmas charity concert will be taking place at the State Theatre in Kosice. It will be devoted to the children in foster homes in Medzilaborce and Vranov nad Toplou, as well as in the special school for physically disabled children on Opatovska Street in Kosice. The concert will ceremonially close the several month old project during which the children wrote their wishes on cards, which were then accessible on the "wishing trees" placed around the steelworks. The employees changed the children wishes into reality. In addition to toys, music players, sporting goods and cosmetics, each institution will also receive financial support amounting to 8 500 euro* (256 071 crowns). This year the children have been given one more surprise, a big pre-Christmas book delivery aiming to increase their interest in reading and education. Writers Olga Feldekova and Peter Karpinsky have shared their experience with them, too.

In spite of the global economic crisis, which has also affected the metallurgy industry, steelmakers continue to be generous and have not hesitated to help the patients of the Casualty Surgery Clinic at the L. Pasteur University Hospital. More than eight thousand employees contributed to the voluntary fund-raising, and the proceeds were multiplied thee times later, because the Company contributed the same amount of money as employees, as well as the U. S. Steel Kosice Foundation. The resulting sum, which will be used for purchasing a positionable operating table with additional special equipment will be a secret till the concert, where it will be officially disclosed. The Company employees regularly support such public health projects at Christmas time. They also consider it meaningful to support those who save people's lives in critical situations after traffic accidents or other serious injuries in sports and work.

"We can not change people's fate, and we can not fulfill the wish of many to have a complete family which provides love to its members or where family members are healthy. We can not find a solution in many cases. It is still impossible to cure many serious diseases. On the other hand there is still a lot what we can do. We can share our happiness in the form of a gift, we can contribute to better health care, we can support those institutions which pursue meaningful activities," commented U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke on the Company's philanthropy .

* converted in accordance with the official exchange rate 30.1260 Sk/1 euro

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U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o.
Tel.: +421 55 673 4476
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Supplement 1
Who and how will we be helping in the Christmas market hut

December 5, (Saturday)
Association of mutual help of people and dogs Kosice
For shelter operation and center building

December 6, (Sunday)
Association of mutual help of people and dogs Kosice
For shelter operation and center building

December 7, (Monday)
"Independent Life", Organization of wheelchair users in Kosice
Costs related to organizational operation and activities.

December 8, (Tuesday)
Slovak Diabetes Association, Basic Organization in Kosice
Costs related to organizational operation and activities.

December 9, (Wednesday)
Parent-Teachers' Association - Elementary Art School, Bernolakova 26, Kosice
Purchasing art supplies for fine-art department

December 10, (Thursday)
Non-investment fund SANCA
Purchasing of supplies for the special school at Opatovska cesta 97, Kosice

December 11, (Monday)
University Hospital for Children, Kosice
Purchasing of infusion pumps for the 2nd Clinic for Children & Youth and children's recliners for the Children's Center at the University Hospital for Children in Kosice

December 12, (Saturday)
Re-education home for children and youth, Bankov 15, Kosice
For creative activities of children living in this facility

December 13, (Sunday)
"Centipede" Maternity Center, Kosice-South
For operation of the Maternity Center - creation of safe and hygienic environment for the youngest children and for their free-time activities

December 14, (Monday)
Elementary Art School, Fine-art Section, Kovacska 43, Kosice
Purchasing of art supplies for the students

December 15, (Tuesday)
Psychological & Social Center, Jegorovovo namestie 5, Kosice
Material purchasing for art therapy for the clients

December 15, (Tuesday)
"Happiness" Association of Relatives & Friends in Kosice, Rastislavova 12, Kosice
For activities of the Rehabilitation Center for mentally-disabled people at Bauerova 1, Kosice

December 16, (Wednesday)
"Smile on Me" Civic Association, Kosice
For purchasing of special teaching aids for students of special school at Vojenska 13, Kosice.

December 17, (Thursday)
Association of Disabled Children and Youth in Kosice
For purchasing rehabilitation aids for disabled children

December 18, (Friday)
FENESTRA Association
Costs related to organizational operation and activities.

December 19, (Saturday)
Foster Home Kosicka Nova Ves
For purchasing of material for children's spare-time activities

December 20, (Monday)
Foster Home at Uralska, Kosice
For purchasing of art and shop supplies for a Therapeutic WorkShop.

December 21, (Monday)
Archdiocese Charity, Kosice
For operation of the Mother Teresa Hospice in Bardejovska Nova Ves, Home for Seniors, and Social Services Home in Kosice, Lipany, Velky Saris and Vojcice, for the Crisis Center in Kosicka Nova Ves.

December 22, (Tuesday)
ArtEst - aesthetical education of disadvantaged young people
For purchasing of art supplies for mentally-disabled children

December 23, (Wednesday)
Elementary School at Irkutska, Kosice
Purchasing of art supplies for the students

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