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Beginning of 14th annual summer internship for students

Created: 7/7/2016
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: Students

Friday, July 1, saw the introductory meeting attended by U. S. Steel Košice President Scott Buckiso, Vice President Human Resources Martin Pitorák and members of his team, for the fourteenth in the series of annual two-month summer internships, this time involving thirty fourth-year students at universities with technical or economic focus in Slovakia and other countries.

These young people, who have undergone a selection process and come to the Košice steelworks to gain practical experience and new skills, were encouraged by Scott Buckiso in his short opening speech among other things to make full use of the opportunity to learn something new during the internship, to be inquisitive about the workplaces assigned to them, and to ask lots of questions.

As in previous years, the students' internship will be divided into two parts. Most of the time they will be getting familiar with the steelworks and engaging in the solution of allotted tasks under the leadership of experienced mentors, and the remaing time will be devoted to interactive training of managerial skills, which forms the basic for the acquisition of key competences. The summer internship closes with the presentation of an individual case study.


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