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For the Holidays to be Merry and Bright, they have to be Safe

Created: 12/21/2017
Author: -c-
Category: 12/2017

December is the most critical month in the long term regarding occupational safety and the incidence of serious injuries in our Company. For this reason the management decided to organize a special event last Friday, December 15, intending to spread awareness among the employees.

Similar events are taking place around the USS operations in the United states. USSK President Scott Buckiso and other top managers were waiting at the gates from the early morning to speak to the employees arriving for the early shift, to wish them a peaceful Christmas and also to remind them that it is necessary to work safely above all. People arriving at the steelworks were presented with “Stop and Act” cards, which any employee can use to halt work which they see as unsafe. They were also offered hot tea, coffee and drinking chocolate.


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