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Highlights of 51/2003

Created: 12/22/2003
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 51/2003

Christopher Navetta has lunch with Tin Mill and Dispatch workers

In recent days U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta has invited more Kosice steelworkers to another working lunch in response to their exceptional results at work. This opportunity to talk about their successes or possible problems in the workplace, as well as their personal interests and families was offered to nine selected employees from the Tin Mill and Dispatch divisions. The meeting was also attended by Vice-president Operations Scott C. Pape, Vice-president Personnel and Organization Martin Pitorak and General Manager Strip and Tin Mills Ladislav Halaj.

EDC starts cooperation with SARIO

The Kosice region was visited recently by the General Director of the SARIO agency, Jan Bajanek. This made-to-measure visit with its rich program was organized for him by U. S. Steel Kosice's Economic Development Centre (EDC). Jan Bajanek looked round the industrial parks at Peres and Kechnec, and met Kechnec Council Leader Jozef Konkoly and representatives of the companies MOLEX and GILBOS. The visit continued with a working lunch attended by the Mayor of Kosice Zdenko Trebula, Chair of Kosice Regional Council Rudolf Bauer, U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta and Vice-presidents Anton Jura and Karl F. Csensich. "We organized this visit with the aim of presenting a comprehensive picture of the potential of Eastern Slovakia as far as the placement of foreign direct investment is concerned," explained EDC Director and USSK GM for Regional Development Juraj Augustin, pointing out that: "Presentation of the unity of all organizations working in the region to provide support for foreign investors, as well as opening up a new mode of cooperation between the agency SARIO and our EDC in working towards common goals, were the key objectives of the program." In his opinion it was particularly useful for Mr. Bajanek to meet and talk with representatives of GILBOS and MOLEX, two of the companies which operate in Kechnec Industrial Park. Direct contact is most important, and meetings with investors who already do business in this region in mutual cooperation increase the region's attractiveness. Good cooperation between EDC in Kosice and SARIO in Bratislava could be a vital key to further success in this respect.

Further contributions to charity

In the middle of December four more children's homes were given one hundred thousand Slovak crowns each by U. S. Steel Kosice. Symbolic checks were presented by Phyllis Navetta, wife of the Company's President, and Mary Ann Connor, wife of the Vice-president for Accounting, to the directors of children's homes in Secovce, Nizna Kamenica, Remetske Hamre and Dobsina.

Vojtech Szabo is U. S. Steel Kosice Champion

U. S. Steel Kosice was the venue recently for this year's "lightning" chess championships. The participants consisted of 19 chess-players including formerly active competitors as well as recreational players. During the 1970's chess-players from the Kosice steelworks were among the best in the state-wide top league. It could be enough to mention the former Czechoslovak national team-member and international grand master Plachetka, but the names Husek, Bauer, Lasanda, Bodnar, Varga, Stancak, Trejbal, Novak, Petran, Kriska, Samek, Peteri and Holeczi also feature on the long list of those who wore the Kosice works colours in the former Czechoslovakia's elite chess competition. The league cadre at that time of course also included present-day Hot Strip Mill employee Vojtech Szabo, who has been working at the steelworks since 1968. In the latest rapid-play championships he performed excellently at the chess-board and became the new U. S. Steel Kosice Champion.


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