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Highlights of 15/2004

Created: 4/12/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 15/2004

Pipes in Dusseldorf, radiators in Bratislava

At the end of March and beginning of April, U. S. Steel Kosice participated in two international exhibition events. Running almost concurrently were the 9th edition of the annual international exhibition TUBE/WIRE 2004 in Düsseldorf, focusing on pipes, tubes, cables and wires as well as the equipment for making them, and in Bratislava the 14th edition of the international trade fair for efficient power generating and rationalization of energy usage RACIOENERGIA 2004.
U. S. Steel Kosice managers were happy with the way these fairs passed off. Our stand was visited by all important customers and others interested in cooperation. The meetings were opportunities for sales staff to exchange ideas and experience, and set up new possibilities for future cooperation.

New edition of the student companies fair

When Horace Moses decided in 1919 to set up the not-for-profit organization named Junior Achievement in the USA, it is possible he never imagined that his idea - to provide young people with practical business education even before they leave school - would take on practically all over the world. The concept of learning through practise was equally popular among students then as it is today.
At present there around 4.5 million students involved in JA programs in 106 countries, including Slovakia, and U. S. Steel Kosice is one of the most significant supporters of the JA program here. Without a doubt the most popular feature of the program is the student companies fair. On Wednesday of last week, March 31st, the ninth edition now in the series of regional fairs was held in Kosice. The event, also sponsored by U. S. Steel Kosice, took place on the premises of the Cassovia Mall and involved presentations of a total of 30 student companies in the Applied Economics program from various regions of Slovakia.
For the first time in history their products and services were also offered for sale. The condition was that they should not be prototypes specifically made or thought up only for this fair, but the same kind which each company really sold or provided during the period of its.

On opportunities over the ocean

Completing their business trip to the USA, the aim of which was to make the American subsidiaries of U. S. Steel familiar with the range of customer projects and capabilities offered by the company Refrako, just a few days ago Sales Manager Ladislav Loffler and Technical Service Manager Peter Popovic returned to Kosice. The presentation of their company in the USA involved the cooperation of UEC consultants, and was prepared several months in advance.
In the course of just a few days they attended a large number of working sessions, meeting representatives of UEC Tech Serices and the USS-Research and Technology Center, and steel-plant and blast-furnaces managers from the Edgar Thomson Plant, Clairton Works, Granite City Works, Great Lakes Works, Gary Works and Fairfield Works as well as Thyssen Krupp EnCoke a BNZ.

Detectors keep fire under control

After the Cold Strip Mill it is going to be the turn of the Hot Strip Mill to be fitted with what is currently the most modern and the safest of automatic fire-extinguishing systems. The installation of the system is being carried out by two Slovak firms which demonstrated their qualities at the Cold Strip Mill lasr year, and it does not require the shutting-down of the rolling line, which is especially appreciated by the mill staff. They want to hold comprehensive trials of the automatic wet extinguishing system well before the August shut-down of the hot wide-strip line, and in September both parts of the automatic extinguishing system, the dry and the wet, should come into full-scale operation.


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