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Highlights of 07/2006

Created: 2/20/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 07/2006

Second safety audit in Serbia

In the last few days both U. S. Steel Serbia plants at Smederevo and Sabac have undergone a second occupational safety audit. The aim of this audit, which involved mixed teams of staff from various U. S. Steel plants, was to discover and identify dangers which might have negative impact on occupational safety. The Kosice group was led by GM Safety Karol Kocsis, and consisted of Hot Strip Mill Director Ladislav Hanuscalka, Repairs Logistics Division Director Peter Gazsi, Transport Division Director Jan Faber, Blast Furnaces Maintenance Manager Marek Jenco, Deputy GM Safety Róbert Meitner and Occupational Safety Section Manager Tomas Zagata. Our group worked with the team led by GM Safety Europe Mike Shuble.

Last year's results the best in Company history

The best results in the five years to date of U. S. Steel Kosice's Cost-saving Program were recorded last year. Our information from Eugen Lenorovic, head of the Strategic Programs Implementation Section, is that 80 per cent of the total cost savings stemmed from cost-reduction projects, and 20 per cent from those contributing to increased sales revenues.

Adaptation course for college graduates

Adapting to workplace conditions, getting to know the details of U. S. Steel Kosice's history, its organization structure and programs for strengthening the Company's competitiveness, as well as identifying with its business principles - these are the main aims of the adaptation program which is now regularly organized by the unit of GM Human Resources Development and Services for newly-engaged employees.
The first and third modules are common for high school and college graduates and consist of courses familiarizing new employees with Company history, working regulations, Ethical Code, occupational health and safety, fire prevention, crisis management and the CITE environmental program. They also include an introduction to steel production, and naturally plant tours of the production operations as well. The second module, which takes the most time, lasting four days, is intended exclusively for college graduates, and the latest edition took place last week at the Kosicka Bela recreation center, involving twelve newly-engaged metallurgists, mechanical and electrical engineers and finance and accounts staff who joined the ranks of U. S. Steel Kosice employees at the end of last year.
Vice-president Human Resources Miroslav Kiralvarga gave a presentation for the young college graduates covering among other things the current status of the U. S. Steel Corporation and its subsidiaries in Europe, U. S. Steel Kosice and U. S. Steel Serbia, on the world steel market.

Management/Blast Furnaces are USSK Ice-hockey Champions

Monday evening saw the end of the marathon of matches for the title of USSK Ice-hockey Champions. The final was a clash between the Management and Blast Furnaces players, the same teams that fought for first place in last year's competition. The precious trophy was ultimately carried off by the Management/Blast Furnaces team. These championships were part of the USSK Winter Olympic Games, which continued last weekend with cross-country skiing races in the Hnilec valley, round the corner from Stara Voda. The Games culminate this Saturday, February 18th, at Jahodna, with the third and final part comprising the giant slalom and snowboarding competitions.


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