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Highlights of 06/2006

Created: 2/13/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 06/2006

Another working lunch with the President

Another of the now traditional meetings of U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr with selected steelworks employees took place on Friday of last week, February 3rd 2006. The invitation to this joint working lunch, also attended by Vice-presidents Anton Jura and Miroslav Kiralvarga and GM Non-Steel Production Tibor Kovacs, was accepted by nine of the best employees at the Metallurgical Secondary Products Division.

Film Club at the InfoUSA Center in Kosice

The InfoUSA Center at the State Research Library on the Main Street in Kosice recently expanded its film collection by more than a hundred titles from classic American cinematography. The new additions are a selection of the most famous Hollywood films of the twentieth century, and the new collection significantly widens the variety of genres in the titles on offer at the Center's Film Club. The InfoUSA Center Film Club puts on public showings of films in their original English version at 4 o'clock every Wednesday afternoon.

USSK Winter Olympics start this weekend

Following the Company's Olympic ice-hockey tournament, this Saturday, February 11th, sees the beginning of the second part of the Winter Olympics for employees of U. S. Steel Kosice. This consists of the cross-country skiing races at the Hnilec cross-country center, staring at 10am. The organizers have registered 65 competitors in three male and three female age categories. Departure of buses for Hnilec is at 7am on Saturday from the parking lot in front of Ferrocentrum Social Center on SNP Drive in Kosice. Headbands are prepared for all participants, as well as refreshments at the Start and Finish, and goulash after the races.

Susan Lohr visits retired steelmakers

"Bingo-o!" was the delighted shout that resounded throughout the premises of the Senior Citizens' Club founded by the "Autumn of Life" Civic Association in Kosice. This experience was brought to the pensioners on Thursday afternoon last week by U. S. Steel Kosice President's wife Susan Lohr, who accepted their invitation to an informal, friendly meeting and a bit of a chat about how the senior citizens live, their joys and their worries. "Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to the company U. S. Steel Kosice, the members of the management and their collleagues, because without them this Association would not exist," Susan Lohr was asked immediately after being welcomed by Zita Bubenkova, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the "Autumn of Life" Civic Association.
"You see, this club is like a second home for all the pensioners, especially the ones who have been left alone. It does every one of us good at our age, when we can sit down with a group of friends of the same age who have similar joys, but also cares. For us this is a sort of second chance to do the things we enjoy, and make our - let's say - wonderful age more pleasant. For all these reasons we highly appreciate the Company management providing us the chance to go on with our club activity this year as well."
The pensioners got to talking about their activities. They put on all kinds of events, the favorite ones being the health-promoting trips to various thermal bathing resorts. The fitness center is well-used day-in, day-out, and there is no lack of regular visitors to the library here, which has a collection of several hundred volumes. But what they enjoy in particular is taking part in the Christmas evenings which are now regularly organized for them at the end of the year by U. S. Steel Kosice. They also appreciate the meals service which the steelworks sponsors for them. No other metallurgical company, whether in Slovakia or in the neighboring Czech Republic - as Aladar Szabo stated, based on his personal experience - looks after its former employees in this way.


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