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Highlights of 23/2006

Created: 6/12/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 23/2006

A million accident-free hours

One million working hours without accident is the current total achieved by the team of employees at U. S. Steel Kosice Mechanika Division. They accomplished this excellent result last Wednesday, May 31st 2006, having worked without accident since June 2005. The first person to learn of the maintenance staff's success was Scott Pape, USSK Vice-president Operations also until last week.
He was personally informed of the result on Thursday, June 1st, his last official working day in Kosice, by GMM Maintenance Jan Vranec and Mechanika Division Director Jan Vatascin. "This is the greatest gift I've ever received," was Scott Papa's comment on the maintenance workers' success, because for him the occupational safety issue was priority number one throughout his stint in Kosice. "I know you've worked hard," he said, "and it's good to see the results. I thank you all."

Steelmakers'celebration evening

U. S. Steel Kosice Steel Plant workers will be getting together for an evening of celebration in Dom Umenia to mark the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the start of steel production this Saturday, 10th June 2006. They have invited 35 former employees to join them who were present at the first melt in oxygen convertor no.1 on June 8th 1966, and the guest-list will naturally also include their contemporaries from all the Division's operations, as well as representatives of the Kosice steel company's top management and the trades union leadership. The celebrational character of the evening will be enhanced with the presentation of awards to long-term employees of the Division.

Opatovska Rally

Last Thursday afternoon, celebrating International Children's Day itself for the ninth year running, a group of people came together to spread happiness with no idea of personal gain by taking to the driving seats of four-wheeled steel steeds of the most diverse makes for the annual Opatovska Rally. Among the contestants forming 30 four-member crews consisting of a driver and three children were ten representatives of U. S. Steel Kosice including two Vice-presidents, Miroslav Kiralvarga for Human Resources and Jeffrey Greenwell for Technology. This event for physically-disabled children from the Special Elementary School, Apprentice School and Commercial Academy, including children from the Diagnostic Center taking part for the first time, was once again sponsored by U. S. Steel Kosice.

William J. Pinkerton returns to Kosice after two years

In November 2004 U. S. Steel Kosice held the first DSFU project management training course. The results showed that this was not a case of wasted effort, as the training became a source of new ideas, inspiration and procedures which substantially raised the standard of preparation for capital investment projects in our Company. Precisely for this reason, the staff of GM Engineering Activities decided to continue with these training courses, and in the past two weeks the Slovan Hotel in Kosice has been the venue for two DSFU Stage II courses passing on experience to project managers from several USSK work centers.

Today we will know our soccer champions

Today sees the final matches in the USSK soccer championships being played for the 2006 title at the Technical University Stadium in Kosice. Firstly at 4pm the match for third position takes place between Hot Rolling Mill Division Plant and Services Plant, and then at 5.15pm Power Engineering Division Plant and Transport Division Plant will be meeting in the final to decide on the new champion.


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