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Highlights of 06/2007

Created: 2/12/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 06/2007

Lunik IX pupils at the Metallurgical Vocational School

Last week the Metallurgical Vocational School in Kosice-Saca put on an Open Day for 31 pupils in the final years of the Ludmila Podjavorinska Elementary School in the Lunik IX neighborhood. This opportunity to get to know the new school environment and an atmosphere which is similar to real conditions at the steelworks was arranged for them by U. S. Steel Kosice and the Metallurgical Vocational School as part of the project supporting disadvantaged groups.
Its aim is to help young people develop a positive attitude to professional trades as early as possible. This activity includes the creation of occupational teaching workshops at the elementary school, which USSK has equipped with tools and protective clothing. These will enable the pupils to work safely and acquire manual skills which could be useful to them in their future employment. The Metallurgical Vocational School and the Kosice steelworks are currently working on another program which aims to enable Lunik IX pupils to undertake practical lessons in the Vocational School's workshops. The aim here is likewise to encourage interest and stimulate working habits, but also to prepare the pupils for secondary school study.

How is the Transaction Center going to work?

We have already informed readers that on January 1st of this year U. S. Steel Kosice set up a new Transaction Center Europe, an organizational component of its own Business Service Center Europe. Regarding the aims and activities of the Transaction Center, this issue of Ocel Vychodu presents an interview with USSK Vice-president BSC Europe Drew Armstrong and GM TPCe Dave Pasquini. Setting up the Transaction Center represents a global effort to merge similar transactional functions (in the same organizational control structure as our informational control processes) and extend our global capability for standardization, simplification, consolidation and continuous improvement, aiming to achieve world-class costs structure. The task of the Transaction Center will be to provide transactional services in the most efficient way in terms of the current focus on added-value functions and the provision of services at the standard expected by our key customers and end-users.

Safety video for February 2007

Mobile equipment and transport vehicles such as fork-lift trucks, railway wagons or road-freight trucks are common features around U. S. Steel Kosice. These vehicles and types of equipment are typical for their great size and power, and if they are not operated or driven carefully, the consequences can be very serious. The safety video for the month of February 2007 presents the various kinds of load-transporting devices, checking of their technical condition, stability and transfer of loads, safe operation of equipment for transporting material, operation of equipment in the vicinity of pedestrians, as well as safe behavior by pedestrians themselves. Respecting the safety aspects referred to here will prevent collisions of transport vehicles with each other and with employees.

Metallurgical Faculty to be led again by Karel Tomasek

On January 31st 2007, after a period of four years, the Rektor of the Technical University in Kosice Juraj Sinay once again formally appointed the newly-elected Dean of the Faculty of Metallurgy. In the secret ballot which took place on December 13th of last year, the Faculty's Academic Senate decided unanimously that it will be led for a further term of office, from February 1st 2007 through January 31st 2011, by the incumbent Dean, Karel Tomasek.

Semi-finals today, finals tomorrow

The last week has seen the continuation of this year's U. S. Steel Kosice ice-hockey championships with the last of the group matches. Then on Monday and Tuesday the tournament progressed through the quarter-final games and tomorrow, Thursday, February 8th, the remaining teams will be playing for medals. First at 6.30 pm in the Steel Arena the beaten semi-finalists meet in the match for 3rd place, and then the final game is programed for 8 pm. After that the official prize-giving ceremony will be held, in which the players will be presented with gold, silver or bronze medals.


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