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Highlights of 47/2008

Created: 11/24/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 47/2008

AISI award for Kosice steelmakers

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has given an award to U. S. Steel for the contribution entitled Advances in Mold Instrumentation which was presented in June of this year at the international conference focusing on steel production and continuous slab casting. The authors are from the research and development staff at TechCenter Munhall in the USA and at USSE Research in Kosice. Their specialist paper presented the latest improvements in the monitoring and modeling of processes in the conti-casting crystallizers which have been implemented in various Corporation plants. In Kosice the R&D staff members working on this project were Róbert Matina and Rastislav Danik.

Scurfing machine assists steelmakers

For a year now the slab preparation section of the Slab Production operation in the Steel Plants division has been using a new scurfing machine. This equipment reduces the need for manual cleaning of the whole slab surface, especially elements requiring more intensive scurfing, ranging from surface imperfections to sub-surface faults. The principal product grade range processed or cleaned on the scurfing machine consists of slabs intended for making zinc- or tin-coated cold-rolled coils. So far the steel makers are happy with their mechanical assistant.

Wishing Trees for the fourth time

Today, November 20th, sees the beginning at U. S. Steel Kosice of the fourth edition of the annual Wishing Trees project. This year the project is being supported by the wife of the President of U. S. Steel Kosice, Kathleen Babcoke, and the children's foster homes involved this time round are those in Secovce, Slovenske Nove Mesto and Dobsina.
The best part of two hundred children are appealing to the steelmakers with around four hundred wishes on cards spread over four Christmas trees set up at different points on the steelworks premises. This project with the aim of making Christmas Eve more pleasant for the little residents continues until December 5th. There will be a draw of the participants in this fulfillment of children's dreams, and the winners will be able to take part personally in the presentation of the gifts in the foster homes, and in the Wishing Tree Christmas Concert in Kosice State Theater on December 12th.


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