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Highlights of 09/2012

Created: 5/7/2012
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 09/2012

United States Steel Corporation reports 2012 first quarter results

On April 24, 2012 United States Steel Corporation reported a first quarter 2012 net loss of $219 million, compared to a fourth quarter 2011 net loss of $211 million, and a first quarter 2011 net loss of $86 million. Excluding the loss on the sale of U. S. Steel Serbia, U. S. Steel Europe results improved significantly from the fourth quarter reflecting $17 million of operating losses at our former Serbian operations prior to the sale as compared to $67 million of losses in the fourth quarter of 2011. U. S. Steel Kosice (USSK) had an operating loss of $17 million in the first quarter of 2012 compared to a loss of $22 million in the fourth quarter of 2011. Although average realized prices for USSK declined slightly from the fourth quarter 2011, spot market prices improved progressively throughout the quarter largely as a result of a mini-restocking cycle, reversing the declining trend experienced in the fourth quarter. Maintenance work was completed on a blast furnace in Slovakia and the furnace was restarted in late January resulting in a raw steel capability utilization rate for USSK of 92 percent for the first quarter, an increase from the fourth quarter rate of 75 percent.

Supporting Kosice's ice-hockey tradition

Kosice's tradition as an ice-hockey city was supported by the visit last weekend of a group of enthusiasts from Washington DC. Thanks to the activity of the Embassy of the USA in Slovakia, the American guests were acquainted with various professions in this country, and in Kosice they also experienced the inimitable atmosphere of the seventh, deciding final match in the Extra League play-offs. On Sunday, April 22, a friendly Slovak-American game was held on the ice of the Steel Arena between the players from Washington DC and from the management of U. S. Steel Kosice led by President David J. Rintoul. The puck for the grand bully-off was thrown in by the US Ambassador in Slovakia Theodore Sedgwick. On Monday, April 23, the group then visited the steelworks, where the guests showed great interest in looking round several primary operations, and stayed on for a friendly meeting with the USSK President.

Daffodil day at U. S. Steel Kosice

Friday, April 13, was this year's Daffodil Day, and once again hundreds of steelmakers joined in this nationwide fundraising event organized for the benefit of oncology patients and their families. Joining the USSK volunteers at the steelworks in support of this good cause were the President's wife Mary Rintoul and Vice Presidents' wives Beata Pitorakova and Slavka Jackova. Once again the Kosice steelmakers demonstrated their fellow-feeling for people suffering from oncological diseases by setting a new record for the total sum donated towards the fight against cancer - 4 607.11 euros.

Volunteer Days just over three weeks away

There are now only 23 days between us and the sixth edition of the annual U. S. Steel for Kosice Volunteer Days, which are taking place on May 18 and 19 this year. On that Friday and Saturday we will be helping out eleven different public-benefit organizations around the city. As far as the Zoo, Rubikon Center and the Animal Shelter are concerned, they are absolutely full to capacity. There are a few places available on the lists for the Crisis Intervention Center and the Uralska Street Foster Home in Kosice, and the steelmakers' handiness is also keenly awaited at the Botanical Gardens, the Union of the Visually Impaired in Slovakia, and the wintersports area up at Kojsovska hola. The closing date for signing up is May 3.

Kosice City Days are here again

This year's Kosice City Days celebrations (April 30 to May 8) have more than 30 events on offer, catering to a wide range of city residents. These include concerts, traditional craft fairs, May-tree raising, a charity run, and a novelty in the form of the Venice in Kosice event, with a home-made "gondola" race. An equally interesting event will be Europe Day on May 4, when students will present the individual countries of the European Union to Kosice people and city visitors alike in an attractive way. Events with a historical flavor will be the Festival of Chivalry on May 5, and of course the official ceremony of Kosice City Day itself, which takes place on May 7.


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