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New maximum level for recycling steel containers

Created: 8/3/2016
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Category: 16/2016

The rate of recycling of containers manufactured from steel in Europe has reached a new historical maximum – 76 percent. This figure comes from a report by APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, of which U. S. Steel Košice is also a member.

The registration of the record based on data from 2014 has confirmed (for the tenth consecutive year now) that steel is the most recycled material in Europe. Eunomia, an agency specializing in energy and waste management, confirmed the data source as well as the calculation methodology.

The results come closer to the goal set by APEAL and the fact that by 2020 up to 80 percent of containers manufactured from steel will be recycled in Europe.

As a matter of interest, most steel packaging in Europe is recycled in Hungary (94.6 percent), the Netherlands (94.1 percent), and Belgium (93.3 percent).


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