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Types of packaging and packaging materials optimization are also on the agenda

Created: 2/3/2016
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Category: 05/2016

Last year the company OBAL – SERVIS, a.s. Košice was involved in significant organizational changes which should better meet the needs of its essential customer, U. S. Steel Košice. The changes consisted of transition to a new model of invoicing and launching new projects and approaches that boost business activities within the U. S. Steel Košice group of companies.

In the course of the year they launched a variety of programs and projects within the scope of the Carnegie Way initiative, focusing on processes' efficiency and cost-saving enhancements.

"I would like to mention the project introducing the use of bar code readers in the packaging process, which assists in the processes and costs optimization at the company, as well as replacement of metal packaging components with plastic material, relocation of wooden containers manufacturing operations to Galvanizing Line No.3, joining the operations of Maintenance and Services of the machinery to be controlled by a single operator, and also the project dealing with services improvement in the area of crane work at the Finishing Division of U. S. Steel Košice,” says Peter Bílek, Chief Executive Officer of OBAL-SERVIS, a.s. Košice. "Our annual financial statements document that we are a cost-effective company consisting of nearly six hundred permanent employees, while forty-four of them are T category employees.  Compared to the 2015 Business Plan, our actual costs were lower last year, and the proportion of white-collar to blue-collar staff amounts to 1:13"

The company OBAL-SERVIS, a.s. Košice is facing challenging goals again this year. 

"We intend to complete the transfer of the metal packaging manufacturing facility to new premises, and bring it into harmony with operational maintenance,” says CEO Bílek. “We would like to finish the pallet production optimization and the material transfer specifically through an investment share scheme entitled the "Connecting Way". We have to focus more on maintenance and reliability of our production facilities, but also on the area of forklift servicing. Since the manufacturer of the current types of vehicles has ceased to produce spare parts, we are obliged to provide for the strapping technology renovation.  In the spirit of Industry 4.0, we continue in the interconnection of processes using information technologies and our proposed method of data processing.  In addition, we are preparing for the certification process in order to meet new ISO standards." The CEO mentioned several challenges, adding that last but not least, the aim of this year is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with ensuring crane capacities as well as servicing of machinery. "In addition, we would like to start optimization of types of packaging and packaging materials and continue in the process of current drawings on the pallets obtained along with U. S. Steel Košice."

Although it appears that 2016 will be very difficult, the staff at OBAL-SERVIS believe that they can manage all the challenges, and they will represent an active part of the U. S. Steel Košice group.                                 


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