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U. S. Steel Supply Chain Award for the first time in Košice

Created: 7/12/2018
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Category: 07/2018

On June 20 a group of top management representatives from U. S. Steel in Pittsburgh visited U. S. Steel Košice to present an award to the Procurement Department for the outstanding results achieved in the first quarter of 2018. The Supply Chain Award, with looks rather reminiscent of the famous Stanley Cup ice-hockey trophy, ended up in the hands of the Director for Primary Strategic Raw Materials Purchasing and By-products Sales Peter Baran from the unit of GM Strategic Raw Materials Purchasing, who emphasized that this was an acknowledgment of the work of a whole team of people responsible for the project involving replacement of blast-furnace pellets with lump ore. There was honorable mention award for another team, this time accepted by Senior Manager Purchasing for Repairs and Maintenance Gabriel Dankó. They gained their award for the project involving repair of the collecting headers on block C of coking battery no.3, the team responsible headed by František Janke from Procurement, Cokery mechanical maintenance coordinator Štefan Hriceňák, Cokery Division Senior Manager Ľudovít Kosnáč and Cokery Division Director Oto Viszlay.


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