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Grand tenth edition of Volunteer Days – U. S. Steel for Košice 2016

Created: 5/25/2016
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Category: Employees

On Friday 13th May and Saturday 14th May this year, more than 400 volunteers from the ranks of the employees of the Košice steelworks and its subsidiaries, their close relatives and supporters, and representatives of our partner organizations all rolled up their sleeves to take part in the grand tenth edition of the annual event called Volunteer Days – U. S. Steel  for Košice 2016.

They got together to support a total of ten different causes, starting on the Friday with the now traditional Steelmakers' Drop of Blood donor drive, which was joined by the best part of 90 volunteer donors, followed by a collection of useful domestic articles for charity centers and non-profit organizations, with contributions from nearly 120 people.

Saturday was characterized primarily by manual work. Even though the weather conditions were not very favorable, the steelmakers set about their work with great verve, enhancing the interior and exterior premises of the day center for physically-disabled young people in the Forrest Gump Club, the Hurbanova Street Foster Home in Košice, at the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, the animal shelter near Haniska and the Children's Historical Railway in  Čermeľ Valley, as well as supporting the volunteers' initiative at the Bankov Re-education Center.


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