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Highlights of 03/2005

Created: 1/17/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMIveta FIALOVA
Category: 03/2005

U. S. Steel Kosice Ball

The House of Art in Kosice was the venue last Saturday for the 5th Annual Ball of U. S. Steel Kosice, the hosts being Phyllis and Christopher Navetta. Among the more than 500 guests present were Kosice City Mayor Zdenko Trebula and Kosice Regional Council Chairman Rudolf Bauer, and traveling all the way fom Pittsburgh, U. S. Steel Corporation President and CEO John Surma. The Ball was put on in the spirit of the American Mardi Gras celebrations, recalled by the colors of the decorations, green, gold and purple, and the masks which were given to all the ladies. The entertainment program featured performances by Slovak and foreign artistes, and the guests' excellent mood held out until the early morning hours.

Records of businessmen

U. S. Steel Kosice sales staff selling radiators and spiral-welded pipes have achieved excellent results for the second year in a row. After the record year 2003, last year proved to be equally successful. "Despite our competitors' very aggressive approach in our sales territories and the increase in our sales prices, we were still able to achieve a historic record in radiator sales," says U. S. Steel Kosice General Manager for Technical Product Sales Julius Lang.
"Our result is proof of the fact that the Company's strategy regarding radiator sales implemented four years ago was correct. We are maintaining our strong position on the domestic market, and we are increasing our export sales. These presently form 57 per cent of total sales." An impressive 42 per cent increase compared with 2001 was achieved in sales of spiral-welded pipes. "All dimensions of pipes were in demand," explains U. S. Steel Kosice Pipe Sales Manager Jan Rohar. "They are mainly used in water, gas and oil pipeline building, but their construction specifications are also suitable for fluids transport in nuclear or hydro-electric power stations."

Environmental competition for children

For the second year running U. S. Steel Kosice has announced the ecology competition named "Where and how are we going to live?". This competition is intended for elementary school pupils in Kosice and its immediate environs. The aim of the event is to promote childrens' positive attitudes to the environment, its protection and improvement, as well as their creativity in creating and accomplishing projects. Last year 36 of the 65 elementary schools approached took part in the competition, and prizes were awarded to 11 projects. This year the Company has sent propositions to 59 elementary schools, and the deadline for acceptance of projects is March 11th.

Hockey championship has started

Last week saw the first matches between 10 teams in two groups starting off the 2005 U. S. Steel Kosice Ice-Hockey Championships. These Championships also form the first part of the 9th edition of the Company's annual Winter Olympiad. The participating teams will be playing 24 hockey games, and the final is planned for February 15th. The initial games have already indicated that the struggle for the champions' title and the medals will involve the favorite teams from the Blast Furnaces, Hot Strip Mill, Company Management, Secondary Metallurgy, Cold Strip Mill and the Steel Plant.


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