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Highlights of 20/2005

Created: 5/16/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 20/2005

Christopher Navetta and David Lohr meet journalists

Kosice journalists were invited to an informal meeting last week by U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher J. Navetta and David H. Lohr, who takes over this position on June 1st, 2005. Christopher Navetta thanked the journalists for their fair presentation of USSK in the media.
"In the last three years," said the President, "U. S. Steel Kosice has done well, conditions on the steel market have been favorable, and although the Company has experienced certain problems, we have managed to overcome them successfully. I am pleased that a person of this caliber and these qualities will be proceeding with the management of USSK. David H. Lohr is a man with many years of experience, and great knowledge and skills, and I am sure that he will be another manager who raises the Kosice steelworks to an even higher level."
"I've worked for the USS Corporation since graduating from college," said David Lohr in reaction to the President's words. "I have 31 years of experience with the Corporation, and since 1999 I've managed production as well as mining operations in the USA. I'm really looking forward to my new position in Slovakia, and I'm sure that together here in Kosice we'll be setting off in the right direction. Since arriving in Slovakia not so long ago I've already had the chance to meet several Kosice managers and employees, and I've seen that they have enthusiasm and energy and the determination to work hard.
The Kosice steelworks is an outstanding plant in which we have already invested a great deal, but we're also going to invest a lot more in the future - proof of which is the new galvanizing line, which is fully prepared for construction, and this will be starting in a few weeks' time."

Meeting at the InfoUSA Center in Kosice

The Embassy of the United States of America in Slovakia and the InfoUSA Center at the State Research Library in Kosice jointly organized a lecture last week on the topic: Populism - the challenge for liberal democracy, given by Steve C. Ropp, Professor of Political Science and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science at the University of Wyoming. For research purposes he also works at the USA Land Forces' Institute for Strategic Studies in the town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where as visiting professor researching issues of national security he is investigating populism and its challenge to the liberal democracies of Latin America and the expanded European Union.

Awards also for steelworkers

Last week silver plaques in memory of Professor Dr. Jan Jansky for 20 voluntary blood donations were presented to 72 local donors. Among the recipients of the silver Dr. Jansky plaques were the following 24 U. S. Steel Kosice employees: Radovan Ambrisko, Miroslav Astrab, Jozef Barany, Radoslav Cider, Peter Fabian, Jaroslav Ficeri, Jozef Golias, Andrej Harcsa, Pavol Herc, Milan Kolesar, Slavomir Kuna, Andrej Lepetak, Vladimir Petrassovits, Peter Perhac, Milan Rasi, Pavol Rusnak, Peter Suvak, Stefan Szabados, Branislav Trelo, Martin Vasko, Eduard Takac, Boris Jelacic, Miroslav Pavelek and Miroslav Borodac.


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