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Highlights of 24/2005

Created: 6/13/2005
Author: Compiled by: Jozef MARSALAKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 24/2005

Representatives of Division Coated Products and Shipment at the work lunch with President David H. Lohr

Selected best employees from two divisions - Coated Products and Shipping had opportunity to meet President of company U. S. Steel Kosice David H. Lohr at the work lunch organized on Thursday June 09, 2005 last week. Twelve of total 13 invited employees attended the meeting together with Vice Presidents Miroslav Kiralvarga and Scott C. Pape. Approximately one and half hour taking meeting was held in a friendly and relieved atmosphere. At the beginning, President pointed out he likes to meet people working at Operations and thanked them for hard work.

Football masters from Blast Furnaces

On Wednesday, June 08, 2005, two last matches of the football tournament U. S. Steel Kosice - Championship 2005 were played at the football stadium TU Kosice. At first Division Power Engineering won over Division Steel Shops in the match for the 3rd rank with score 2:0 (1:0), later players from Division last Furnaces won the Master Title in the final over Division Maintenance with score 1:0 (0:0). President U. S. Steel Kosice, Mr. David H. Lohr upon participation of Vice President Miroslav Kiralvarga and Chair Trade Union Organization METALURG Mikulas Dula awarded the valuable trophy to the captain of the winning team - Borik. As well the best player, goalkeeper and center were appraised.

Only company U. S. Steel Kosice responded to request for help

Welcome to the New Year that is definitely associated with cannonade, fireworks and whatever possible pyrotechnic didn't finish well at the preschool at Bukurestska street in Kosice. Only a few minutes after midnight on January 01, 2005, lost signal rocket brought through window at one of the classrooms and caused a disaster. Serie of subsequent explosions resulted in fire that was extinguished by the firemen but the classroom and equipment therein was demolished.
The preschool principal Ms. Iveta Strukanova doesn't like to remember these terrible moments. Damages incurred by the fire reached almost SKK 500.000. Department of School, City Council Kosice, municipality Tahanovce provided an aid but it was not sufficient. Then they sent total 150 letters with request for help. Total sum SKK 100,- was deposited on the account published in media. Nobody responded, called except company U. S. Steel Kosice. Thanks to financial injection provided by Kosice' s steelmaking plant representatives of which visited the reconstructed classroom of the preschool last week, the children received a new TV set, furniture, toys, video-recorder, DVD player as well as various teaching means.

The company employees exhibit in the Gallery U. S. Steel Kosice

Kristina Skoumalova, Vladimir Dovicak, Jozef Vozar, Jaroslav Rassi, Stanislav Uporsky, Emil Gall, Gizela Bullova, Alžbeta Lackova, Milan Varga, Dagmar Dadejova, Gizela Sasakova, Helena Majorosova. All these twelve names are associated with the most successful participants of the 1st Annual Creativity Competition of employees U. S. Steel Kosice. Since the last week, they have been presenting their works along with other participants to the competition in the Gallery U. S. Steel Kosice.
Any participant to the competition has installed at least one own work in the Gallery. President U. S. Steel Kosice David Lohr, Vice Presidents Richardson and Jura, Trade Unions leader Mikulas Dula, wife of Vice President Financing James Connor and numerous group of the exhibitor's relatives and colleagues belonged to the first admirers at the Thursday's Opening. In its opening speech, President USSK emphasized abilities of our people that deserve admiration. All the competition participants handed over the letters of thanks, special T-shirts made for this event and those awarded with the 1st - through 3rd prize received a financial reward.

Orphanage has a new playground

As said by director of Orphanage at Uralska street in Kosice Zora Burcikova, idea of building new multi-purpose playground for the orphans was originated at the end of year 2003. Company U. S. Steel Kosice assisted at the idea implementation through its donation in sum SKK 250 thousand provided at the Beneficial Concert Stedre vlocky organized in year 2003. Later other sponsors made financial and material contributions. Playground with dimension 11 x 22 m with asphalt surface where children can play basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball and netball has been serving to its purpose since last Wednesday, June 08. The playground was commissioned by Vice President Personnel and Organization U. S. Steel Kosice Martin Pitorak through ceremonial strip cutting.


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