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Highlights of 10/2006

Created: 3/13/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 10/2006

Best employees in Management lunch with David H. Lohr

The largest group so far of selected employees rewarded for especially good working results was invited by U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr to an informal lunch together on Wednesday of last week, March 1st 2006. Joining Vice-president Employee Relations and Motivation Martin Pitorak at the table were nineteen of the twenty-one guests invited by the President, this time from the Management sector of the Company. They represented the sectors of Vice-presidents Commercial and Marketing, Strategic Implementation, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Operations and Technology, USSK President's Office, General Counsel and Purchasing.

Infocentrum answers employees' questions

"The creation of a new operational model of services provision in the human resources area is the result of efforts towards a more efficient organizational structure as well as innovation projects in the sector of Vice-president Human Resources. Its central feature is that all services connected with human resources will be provided for individual employees and organizational units alike from a single contact point. This means that employees themselves and organizational units of the Company will direct all requirements concerning human resources, with the exception of occupational safety issues, to the relevant single contact point.
This will clearly increase efficiency in processing requirements, enable better monitoring of their fulfillment, automate routine operations and last but not least, improve the quality of the services provided. Software called Infocentrum will ensure daily contact with people, and one of its functions will be to give employees answers to a wide range of questions regarding human resources issues. Everybody will also be able to get advice here, for example on how to go about applying for part-time study courses or for job transferral within the Company, or what to do if your son or daughter wants to prepare their degree dissertation on a topic from the USSK environment.

The historic first match at Steel Arena

On Friday, March 3rd 2006, the Steel Arena saw the historic first Extra League ice-hockey match played in this new venue, in which the home team HC Kosice met Zvolen in the 53rd round of the League's preliminary phase. The first bully was won by Sechny, who used to play for Kosice in the past, the first shot on goal came from our player Kayzel, and the puck left his stick to hit former Kosice goalman Simonovic for the first time. Then the first player to sit on the penalty bench was our defender Spelda, and the first goal recorded in this new arena was scored in the 4th minute by Bartek of Zvolen.
The first goal for the home team was scored in the 12th minute by defender Podhradsky. This Extra League premiere for the new stadium was immediately sold out, with officially 8 343 spectators filling the galleries. The result leaves Kosice patiently anticipating their first Extra League victory in the Steel Arena - and that might just be this evening. On Sunday Kosice played their last match in the League's preliminary phase away in Trencin, where they drew 2:2 after extra time.
This means they will be going into the quarter-final play-offs from second place, and their opponents according to the pre-set matching system will be seventh-place Slovan. The first team to win four games will go through to the semi-finals. Kosice are playing the first two matches on home ice today and tomorrow starting at 5pm in the Steel Arena, and the second duel on Thursday will be in front of the TV cameras.


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