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Highlights of 17/2006

Created: 5/1/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 17/2006

Meetings with the President in less than a fortnight

In less than two weeks' time, from May 9th to 12th, the Handball Hall at the All-Sports Area in Kosice will be the venue for this year's series of employees' meetings with President David H. Lohr and members of the top management of U. S. Steel Kosice. The information topics will be occupational safety, the situation on the steel market, production quality, and the Company's investment plans. There will be six meetings altogether, one each on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and two each on Thursday and Friday, mornings and afternoons.

USSK Research and Development extends its capacity

The testing capacity of U. S. Steel Kosice Research and Development Division has recently been extended with an installation which is part of the global Coal and Coke Testing Center (Center of Excellence - COE). This Testing Center is located within the Cokery Division's Chemia (Chemicals) operation. A coking oven with a movable wall and the CSR/ CRI testing equipment (coke strength on reaction and coke reactivity index) have been installed in the reconstructed former electric motor stores. The building over the road immediately opposite, downstairs in the changing rooms of Coking Battery 3, now contains the Coal and Coke Petrography Laboratory.

Kosice City Day celebrations are approaching

There is an especially rich program for this year's Kosice City Day celebrations, which begin in the early evening this Sunday, April 30th, with the putting up of maypoles on Main Street. The great variety of principal and accompanying cultural and entertainment events in the historical center of Kosice, which will surely include something to satisfy everybody, continues until May 7th. The general sponsor of the celebrations is U. S. Steel Kosice.

British firm expands with assistance of EDC USSK

More than 23 per cent unemployment rate, and 1104 people looking for work. That, according to the latest information from the SR Office of Statistics, is the situation in Sabinov. Peter Molcan, Mayor of this small town just to the north of Presov, says that even though there are nearly 150 commercial companies operating in the area, most of them small firms, the town's industrial zone still has twelve hectares of so far unused space available with very well-appointed infrastructure, just waiting for the arrival of good investors who demonstrate serious interest in doing business in Sabinov.
On Thursday of last week, April 20th, a contract was approved with definitive validity with a new foreign investor who will be starting production on July 1st of this year in one of the buildings in Industrial Zone No.2. This is the British firm Welton Bibby & Baron, Europe's leading producer of paper bags and packaging, whose history reaches back to its establishment in 1858. It was assisted in its expansion into Eastern Slovakia by U. S. Steel Kosice's Economic Development Center.

International students' conference Metalurgia 2006

The seventh in the series of annual international students' specialist research conferences, Metalurgia 2006, was organized last Wednesday, April 19th, by the Faculty of Metallurgy at the Technical University in Kosice. This event aims to improve the preparation of future university graduates in metallurgy in terms of their independent specialist research and ability to present the results of their own work, and it is supported with sponsorship from U. S. Steel Kosice.. Five managers from the Kosice steelworks also took part as jury members in the competition to find the best research projects. The awards for the winners, provided by U. S. Steel Kosice, were presented by Vice-president Employee Relations and Motivation Martin Pitorak and the Dean of the Faculty of Metallurgy at TU Kosice Karel Tomasek.


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