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Highlights of 32/2006

Created: 8/14/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 32/2006

Construction of HDG Line No.3 making headway

The hall for the new hot-dip galvanizing line no.3 is one of the newest buildings at U. S. Steel Kosice which is visible from a good distance. It catches the eye with its height, and the text on the side wall lets us know - even the uninterested among us - that the Kosice steel company has its sights on the automobile industry. The vitals of the hall are full these days of intense working activity. As autumn approaches, so does the deadline for completion of the construction work and the beginning of dry runs of the galvanizing line itself. As Ocel Vychodu was told by U. S. Steel Kosice GM Engineering Activities Michael L. Terry, broadly speaking all the main technology is already in place, and the contractors are currently working on the final marrying up and installing the piping and electrical parts of the line. Within the last week work has started on the lining of the molten zinc bath, and in the course of the next few weeks the induction furnace will be installed. Adjacent to the hall the auxiliary buildings are being put up, namely the maintenance center, zinc stores and the zinc bath ventilation house. Two newly-built substations are ready for taking up the supply of electrical energy. We can say that all the work is on schedule for individual testing to be carried out around the middle of September.

Successful July at the Finishing Division

The month of July was particularly successful for the team at the Finishing Division - as confirmed by Division Director Peter Polyak. They have done well in all their fields of activity, but they are pleased most of all with the fact that they have worked without accident for the past six months. Monthly quality results were also excellent, and in July they achieved a historic record in the delivery of material to the finished products stores, which itself involved records being attained on several individual sets of equipment.

Their account reads zero

On July 27th and 28th July the National Work Inspectorate in Kosice prepared a training course for safety personnel on the new legal regulations in the field of occupational safety and health protection (OSHP). Undergoing this updating of specialist preparation is compulsory for all safety personnel as stipulated in the new Law on OSHP which came into force on July 1st 2006, and the recent course was also attended by members of the Metalurg Trades Union, Chairman of the Blast Furnaces Branch of Metalurg TU Michal Tabak annd OSHP Inspector for Metalurg TU Alexander Tazik.

Your Chance to Play!

During the International Children's Day celebrations on Sunday, May 28th of this year, U. S. Steel Kosice announced a program of assistance for young ice-hockey players aiming to give a chance and an equal opportunity to children with sporting talents from socially disadvantaged families to get training in one of the most popular sports in Slovakia. The young hockey players' support program has already attracted the interest of several talented boys, and at the first meeting on Tuesday, July 31st, at the Lokomotiva Ice Rink, 18 new, young, prospective talents came together. Under the leadership of Chief Trainer Lubomir Micak they completed their first training session. USSK has also announced a similar support project for young girl basketball players.

Kosice summer in sporting climax

The official announcement of the competition results and presentation of gifts to the winners marked the end on Friday of last week of the second session in the series making up the Kosice Summer of Sport 2006. For two weeks a group of boys and girls had been getting enjoyment from exercise and competition in six different sporting disciplines, and on Monday, August 14th, the Kosice Summer of Sport continues again with the third and final two-week session. The organizers have once again prepared competitions for school-age children and younger students in soccer, tennis, table-tennis, streetball, beach volleyball and hockeyball. USSK is the partner of this project.


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