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Highlights of 23/2007

Created: 6/11/2007
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Marian HUTNAN
Category: 23/2007

Pipes and Radiator Plants making progress

Since June 1st the employees at the Pipes Plant in the Metallurgical Secondary Production Division have been working a four-shift regime. On the same date a further working shift was added at the Radiator Plant as well. The reason for this expansion of production is the favorable situation on the market for pipes and radiators. Spiral-welded pipes produced by U. S. Steel Kosice achieved results last year like never before. Both production and sales figures attained historic records, and the same trend is continuing this year 2007 as well.

Vendor competition goes live

Electronic auctions are one of the most efficient ways of getting tenders from contractors on the market, and U. S. Steel Kosice is one of the companies which use this means of running selection procedures. Last week saw the third auction of this type being held, using new software which is common to the American and European operations of the U. S. Steel Corporation. The advantages of electronic auctions are cost savings connected with purchasing goods, lower prices, but also speed and transparency in business deals. Vendor competitions are of course won by the ones who offer the best-value conditions.

HC Kosice seeks a mascot

A rich program in the natural amphitheater, Milan Placko's dance school, a hairdressing studio, face painting, "jumping" balls, drawing, a bouncy castle, a genuine Scouts' tent, horse and pony rides, an autograph session with members of HC Kosice, and a heap of other competitions and games. Add to this good exercise, dancing and unfaked pleasure from winning prizes, and weather contributing to the good mood, and you get the sort of great atmosphere which accompanied the Children's Day celebrations organized on Saturday, June 2nd, by U. S. Steel Kosice up at Kosice Zoo. At this event, which was attended by USSK President David H. Lohr and his wife Susan, a new competition was announced, entitled HC Kosice seeks a mascot.

Opatovska Rallye goes into round figures

Shortly after 2 pm on Thursday, May 31st, was the starting-time for a longawaited show. The Opatovska Rallye - Living at Max Revs commenced its first round-figure edition. The idea of organizing this event for disabled children was born all of ten years ago. The yard of the school for children with health disabilities on Opatovska Road filled up with cars of all possible makes and registration numbers. Behind the steering-wheels sat artists, journalists, sports- and business-people. And managers from U. S. Steel Kosice - traditionally in the greatest number. President David H. Lohr, his wife Susan, General Counsel John Wilson, Vice-presidents Miroslav Kiralvarga and Richard Veitch, General Managers, Division Directors, Heads of Departments and Offices... All of them came with one objective: to give pleasure to these children who fate has not favored with sound health. On the course there were thirty vehicles contending with crews made up of one driver with three children - and the one which triumphed was the crew of Susan Lohr.

Safety Video for June

In the summer months the human body must cope with increased stress from heat. Outside temperatures are much higher than in other seasons of the year, and sometimes we work in conditions of literally tropical heat. Work in high temperatures is further complicated by having to use regulation personal protective working clothes and equipment. Apart from these factors, employees can also be unfavorably affected by humidity and direct contact with hot objects during physically demanding work, which combine to increase the probability of health problems arising from hot weather. Early recognition of the symptoms of incipient damage to health caused by above-average heat stress allows us to react more quickly enough to stop them developing into more serious problems. Avoiding heat stress is also dealt with in the Safety Video for June.


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