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Highlights of 02/2008

Created: 1/14/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLIGHAM, Marian HUTNAN
Category: 02/2008

Cardinal rules for transport approved in voting by nearly 1300 employees

From November 28th onwards, U. S. Steel Kosice employees had the chance to vote via the intranet home site regarding the cardinal rules for transport. They could choose from 18 points prepared by the Transport Division, based on their own experience and other employees' suggestions. The objective of this initiative from the Department of GM Production Support was to focus the attention of the team of steelmakers on issues of safety on roads and railtracks. These new cardinal rules, supplementing the already-existing cardinal rules for safety, maintenance and power generating, are expected by management to reduce risks, injuries, accidents and incidents in transport, but also to improve quality and efficiency in that area. The following nine rules should be adopted fully and as soon as possible by all road and rail users within U. S. Steel Kosice:

  1. You shall not kill! So respect all traffic signs and transport regulations in force.
  2. Pay full attention when operating means of transport.
  3. Before crossing railtracks or a road, stop and stand still, look both ways, watch and listen!
  4. Act considerately towards other road and railtrack users.
  5. Resect the rule that on level crossings and pedestrian crossings, rail traffic has priority over road.
  6. Moving off and moving around in a vehicle is important, but even more important is being able to stop it safely and in time.
  7. Eliminate empty or light journeys by all means of transport.
  8. Transport = movement = time = money.
  9. Be fully aware of and respect the wish of all your colleagues and co-workers to return home from work to their families safe and sound every day.

New program for investigating incidents and injuries

As Ocel Vychodu was informed by Martin Demcak, Head of the Methodology and Coordination Section at the Department of GM Occupational Safety, in the scheme of its safety programs U. S. Steel Kosice is starting to implement a new program for investigating incidents and injuries. "The first employees took part in training in the pilot project back in December. Now, from Tuesday, January 15th, the two-day course at the Occupational Safety Training Center will be taken progressively by managers at all levels of mnagement," he explained. "This new program brings with it fundamental changes regarding the responsibilities and powers involved in investigating all types of undesirable events in the field of occupational safety and health. The program supports a software module in SRKS where we will be entering data from all incident and injury investigations online." Demcak says that this program for investigating incidents and injuries will lead to greater involvement of all managers in dealing with occupational safety and health issues.

Masterful start by the favorites

It is now traditional that early January sees sporting activities in our Company started off by the ice-hockey players. This year's championships for the U. S. Steel Kosice President's Cup, to find the new champions for 2008, which are held as part of the U. S. Steel Kosice Winter Olympics 2008, began this Monday, January 7th, with introductory matches between Steel Plant and Cokery, and Management and Shipping. A dozen teams in two groups will be fighting it out on the ice of the Steel Arena right through to February 23rd, when the new champions will be known. After the first match, in which last year's finalists from the Steel Plant easily beat the Cokery team in an 11 - nil whitewash, the official opening ceremony of the ice-hockey championships took place in the Steel Arena rink. After a speech by Company President David H. Lohr, officially opening the competition, there followed a symbolic bully-off. The puck was tossed between the sticks of the captains of the teams in the evening game between Management and Shipping jointly by David Lohr and Metalurg U. S. Steel Trade Unions Council Chairman Mikulas Dula.

We support development of museum culture

The Slovak National Museum (SNM) through its branch of the Spis Museum in Levoca has awarded U. S. Steel Kosice the annual prize named Benefactor Musaei Scepusiensis for the year 2007. This award was accepted on behalf of the Kosice steelworks by Vice-president Human Resources Martin Pitorak on Saturday, January 5th, together with other patrons and supporters, at the Three Kings Evening organized at the historical town hall in Levoca. The award was presented by the Museum for the second time, and it is intended for people and organizations who contribute in a distinctive way to its development, or to the development of museum culture generally in Slovakia. U. S. Steel Kosice gained this award for its sponsorship support of projects at the SNM - Spis Museum in Levoca.


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