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Highlights of 04/2010

Created: 2/15/2010
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 04/2010

Transport, Power and Maintenance with a million injury-free hours

Last year individuals and teams at U. S. Steel Kosice submitted a total of 196 projects aimed at costs saving. The majority, 73 percent of these projects, dealt with materials savings. At last week's Continuous Improvement of Costs program 2009 meeting, the three best teams and the originators of the best projects were presented with awards personally by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke and Vice President Operations Patrick. J. Mullarkey. First place among the teams went to the Procurement department, second place to the Blast Furnaces division, and third place to the Steel Plants division. Among the originators of the best projects, first place was also taken by employees of the Procurement department.

Blast furnace no. 3 overhaul complete

Just a few days ago blast furnaces employees successfully blew in blast furnace no.3, which had undergone overhaul in the preceding three months. Today the furnace is back at full production capacity. Following last year's general overhaul of blast furnace no.1 and this medium and general overhaul of furnace no.3, the Kosice blast furnaces are now in good condition, and currently all three furnaces are in operation.

Robert J. Beltz is new Vice President Commercial

On February 1st 2010 Robert J. Beltz took over the position of Vice President Commercial for the European operations of the U. S. Steel Corporation. He replaces Peter J. Alvarado, who has finished his work in Europe and returned to the USA.

Fifty years of pipes production in Kosice

During the past fifty years the best part of 25 000 kilometers of pipes, which means more than three million seven hundred thousand tons in weight, has been produced at the pipes plant in USSK Radiators and Pipes Division. The very first pipe was made at the plant in Bociar in February 1960, using the most modern method for that period - spiral welding. The pipe welders for the Kosice steelworks were instructed and trained up by specialists in Ostrava, Czech Republic.


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