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Twelve best Carnegie Way projects acknowledged in the Summer Game competition

Created: 9/28/2016
Author: Iveta FIALOVÁ
Category: 20/2016

We now know the best projects from the Carnegie Way Summer Game competition, which was itself a continuation of the Spring Race competition. All the projects involved in this round were entered in the Carnegie Way application from June 1 onwards and progressed into the D5 phase by September 1 at the latest. The project initiators could be machine operators, shift supervisors or coordinators. Twelve of the 205 nominated projects ultimately gained awards. The successful teams were presented with their prizes on September 14 during the regular weekly meeting in the main War Room, this time in the more official atmosphere in the building of USSK Public Affairs Department.

The overall winner of the Summer Game competition was the project with the greatest contribution to the Carnegie Way program, namely the Sales and Marketing Department project entitled Factoring for Pickled Material. Its contribution lies in increased revenues, improved liquidity and decreased risks, while the charges/costs for the factoring are borne by the customers. The team champion was Miroslava Augustínová and the members were Katarína Fitzová, Anna Sabolová, Mária Župčanová, Alena Torhányová, Ingrid Adamíková and Adriana Firkaľová.


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