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Tricky Words in this week's OVI

Pridané: 10.11.2008
Kategória: 45/2008

Draw - potentially tricky due to its various meanings and forms in British and American English. The original, basic meaning of the verb "to draw" is "to pull". The Queen rides in a horse-drawn carriage. The demonstration drew a crowd of about 400 protesters. The Slovak "zásuvka" ("šuplík" - cf. German "Schublade") is something you push in, but the English "drawer" (also French "tiroir") is what you pull out (deep psychological difference there).

A lottery draw is "ťah" (but in chess it's a "move"). Beer can be on tap ("čapované"), but also "draught" (Brit. Eng. spelling, say /džraft/ - literally "ťahané"). The American spelling is "draft", both for beer and for "pulling" ice-hockey players into a club (or men into military service). A draft (draught - always say /džraft/) can be an irritating current of air through a room, but it can also be a proposal for a new law in parliament, or an instruction to transfer money between banks.



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