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Tricky words in today´s OVI

Pridané: 28.3.2005
Kategória: 13/2005

Theater - it's obviously not enough to know that this means "divadlo" in Slovak. In hospitals the special rooms where surgical operations are done are called "operating theaters" in English, and operations are "performed" here, because the historical beginnings of surgery for patients in hospital were combined with teaching surgical techniques to medical students, who stood in special galleries around the operating room and watched the surgeon at work.

Large lecture halls in universities ("aula") are called lecture theaters, especially those with sloping tiers of seats. The largest overall view of the deployment of troops and all the fighting in a geographical macro-region during wartime is called a "theater" of military operations. But the Slovak idea of "divadlo" like a customer complaining very loudly in a restaurant is NOT called a theater. Instead, it is something you can see in a theater, so you say "make a scene" or "put on a spectacle".



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