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Standard polyester
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Sandwich panels, cassettes, cladding materials, facades, trapezoidal and corrugated sheets, profiles.

Prepainted steel is very common and widely used in the building industry and provides efficient, architecturally attractive and functional facades as well. The appearance of buildings can vary from modern metallic to various color, gloss and texture combinations, to profiled, corrugated or even flat walls. It is applicable for commercial buildings, civil residences and industrial factories. Prepainted steel provides not only flexibility in design and aesthetics, but also ultimate long-term performance. The prepainted steel cladding systems offer efficient solutions for large buildings thanks to their benefits such as light weight, eco-friendliness, durability and cost-effectiveness. Cladding and facade systems provide thermal andacoustic insulation,

benefiting from the inherent air-tightness of metal.

Innovations in prepainted steel might solve contemporary problems of big cities related to expensive removal of graffiti from buildings. Paint producers have put anti-graffiti programs on the market based on the paint itself, or a clear coat added on top of existing paint or building facades.

Supported with a special paint available today on the market, prepainted steel is an ideal answer to these challenges.




Standard polyester
Textured polyester
Polyester HD

Roofing, roof tiles, roof accessories (flashings, trims)

Top reasons why prepainted is popular for roofing applications:

  • Light weight, sustainable systems
  • High quality standards induced by industrialised production
  • Meet the highest building physical requirements imposed by new ecologically oriented regulations
  • Rapid construction
  • Competitive price
  • High quality finish with a wide range of appearances

Prepainted steel meets both requirements of structural and architectural aspects. It can be coated in many different types and colors of paint and other coatings, making it beautiful and durable at the same time. Modern metal roofing often maintains its functionality for over 45 years!

Architectural panels imitating the look of tiles or traditional seamed metal roofs made of prepainted steel are widely used in the residential market. Various types of seaming methods, styles and colors and various esthetic options offer rich variability when it comes to prepainted steel roofing.




Rainwater systems, gutters, down pipes, RWS accessories

Prepainted steel is widely used in roofing and cladding applications, but there are other various components essential for creating a building as a compact unit.

Top benefits of prepainted roof accessories:

  • High quality, uniform finish
  • Sustainable material
  • Excellent durability
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to manufacture

When prepainted steel is used for roofing or cladding, the obvious choice is to continue with the same material. Prepainted steel can be formed into an infinite number of shapes, so it is also an ideal choice for rainwater management with gutters and downpipes.

For gutters, a durable coating can be applied on the internal side. To further enhance the durability, you can also apply the same exterior coatings on both sides (4-coat system). Using the same coated product as the rest of the cladding or roofing not only makes buildings more attractive but also ensures the same level of durability and uniform weathering between components.



Standard polyester
Textured polyester
Textured polyurethane
Polyester HB

Metal doors, garage doors, door framing, letter boxes, rolling shutters, fences, animal pens

For all exterior applications it is necessary to consider the actual environment and choose the product with appropriate corrosion resistance. According to EN10169, corrosion resistance can be specified on a scale of RC1 – RC5, where RC3, RC4 and RC5 would be suitable for an outdoor environment with a polluted or coastal aspect, RC5 being the highest durability category. In addition, the requirements for a given specific application have to be considered (hardness, scratch resistance, formability and flexibility). The specifics of the intended application should be discussed in advance.

Apart from the finishing components for a building, prepainted steel is often used in other components, such as doors and shutters. Both of these benefit from the durability, long-term performance, cost-effectiveness, dimensional stability and low weight of steel. High quality finish and a wide variety of appearances distinguish steel from other conventional materials.

Wherever a colored metal surface is required prepainted steel is the right component bringing many other additional benefits.


Ceiling panels, wall panels for partitions, suspended frames, interior sandwich panels for cold rooms or rooms with controlled ambience.
Interior metal doors, interior door frames, interior metal windows, metal furniture.

Interior applications are an integral part of utilization of prepainted steel in construction. If the surrounding environment does not contain aggressive, corrosive or UV radiant elements with negative influence on the long-term service of prepainted steel, the coatings for interiors can be applied in thinner layers without anticorrosive additives. This makes building production cost effective. Obviously there are more expensive options of coatings with special functionality and appearance available.

If the products are intended for interior applications with low environmental aggresivity, the zinc coatings applied under the paints may be less thick, up to coating weight  100g/m2 (both sided, meaning 50g/m2 or 7 µm per side). Some of the color-coated products are suitable for interior applications with special performance requirements, e.g. lighting. These particular requirements should also be considered during advance consultation. For interior building elements, it is important to take into consideration also the risk of corrosive attack on the reverse side of the element.

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