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Equality of opportunity


Work and education
for the Roma


This project with the goal of decreasing the unemployment rate in the Roma community has been running since 2002.  It originated on the initiative of USSK management, when the mayor of Veľká Ida, who had been requesting financial aid to help relieve problems in the Roma settlement with a 100-% unemployment rate. The company offered job opportunities for the village inhabitants, and  at present the Košice city districts  Lunik IX and Šaca are also part of this project.  The project participants are employees of the municipalities and work on temporary assignments under agreement with U. S. Steel Košice.  Although the company has greatly limited the purchase of services from external suppliers due to the economic crisis, it has maintained this project considering its social relevance.

The selection process

The selection process for this project is based on personal knowledge of the applicants by the local mayors, and community and social workers.  The Company’s HR professionals are also part of the selection process. Project participants carry out work appropriate to the level of their obtained qualifications.  This usually consists of cleaning and auxiliary jobs around the plant.  



U. S. Steel Košice perceives this project in a wider context.  It looks for and supports the synergy between work, family and school.  It also focuses on working with children, so as to move them forward and develop among them a sense of responsibility for themselves and for education.

The company works with primary schools in the places of residence of the project participants, and also with the Salesians who work in their own Pastoral Center at Lunik IX. 

The elaborate motivation system awards the most active in learning, extracurricular activities and regular attendance.  It does so with stays at summer camps, invitations to corporate events organized by USSK, small gifts and so on.





The project tackles a real local problem.  It does not only help solve specific problems in the region with high unemployment, it improves the economic situation and living standards of people living in generational poverty, and also enables smoother integration of the Roma and their children into society. 

It allows children to gain the social experience that is so fundamentally flawed in their environment .


  • Long-term unemployed people gain a regular income, and can then ensure better housing and living conditions for their families, as well as better understanding the value of education for their children.
  • Multiple corporate activities support learning and education of the project’s participants and their children.
  • Encouraging and motivating children to get an education will bring them a higher chance of success in the labor market.

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