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nadácia U. S. Steel KOŠICE foundation

The Nadácia U. S. Steel Košice Foundation was established on December 9, 2002 and two days later it was incorporated in the Registry of Foundations administered by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic under Number 203/Na-2002/695. The Foundation was established by  U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. to support community activities in the following areas:






Wishing Tree


health protection and promotion
physical culture and sports promotion and development
provision of social and humanitarian aid
preservation of cultural values
promotion of education and the educational system
human rights protection

protection and development of the environment and preservation of natural values
promotion of science and research
organizing  and sharing volunteering activities
supporting retirees - former employees of U. S. Steel Košice





Mission of the 


The intention of Foundation projects is constantly to  promote public services in the areas of education and health, financially support science, culture and charity programs through the Foundation´s programs, to continue with talented children and youth support, namely by financial or material gifts aimed at the educational process and improvement of living conditions.

The Foundation will go on focusing primarily on  assistance and support for those who are directly dependent upon it, particularly on children in foster homes, disabled people, USSK employees in difficult life situations, as well as organizations and clubs aimed at social and charitable activities that are beneficial to our community.

The Foundation will deal with humanitarian aid for individuals and  groups who are affected by natural disasters or whose lives are  at risk, as well as with protection and development of the environment and preservation of natural values.





Who can contribute to the Foundation?

Donations and contributions can be provided to the Foundation by:

  • legal entities registered in the Commercial Register in Slovakia and abroad
  • natural persons in the Slovak Republic and abroad  

Who can apply for a contribution from the Foundation?

  • natural persons 
  • legal entities whose activity relates to the public benefit purpose of the Foundation 

Content of a request for support



Data of the applicant

Name and surname, or name of the organization, mailing address, contact person name, phone no., e-mail address.


Basic information

Subject of the request, or name and objective of the project, the target group definition (age and number of participants), contribution of the project to participants and society, project budget, time schedule of the project.


Project partners - their identity, their contribution to the budget, and the total amount requested from the Nadácia U. S. Steel Košice Foundation.



From previous editions or based on implementing other projects of the organization.




Nadácia U. S. Steel Košice
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel
044 54 Košice
Slovak Republic


Foundation Administrator

+421 55 673 4915

Expenditures of the Foundation

Funds of the Foundation will be used only in compliance with the public services purpose and for payment of expenses (costs) of the Foundation administration with the following conditions: the amount of expenses (costs) of the Foundation administration is determined by the Board of Directors on an annual basis to the extent necessary to ensure the Foundation continues working until December 15th of the subsequent calendar year.

Christmas Public FUNDRAISING

The Košice District Authority, Department of General Internal Administration, acknowledged the correctness of the Final Report on Public Fundraising No. OU-KE-OVVS1-2014/041750 organized by the Nadácia U. S. Steel Košice Foundation during the period of December 5th – 22nd 2014.


Annual reports

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Information about events and activities
supported in various areas: 


Health protection
and promotion

The main assistance project for the University Children's Hospital in Košice was the donation of a whole-body ultra-sound machine with accessories, 45 PC sets and three printers, all intended for speeding up and improving the quality of diagnostics for children.

The USSK Foundation purchased the equipment having contributed the sum of 36 790.51 EUR and combined this with the proceeds of voluntary fundraising among USSK employees (36 791.24 EUR) also matched by a contribution from the company U. S. Steel Košice (36 791.24 EUR). USSK subsidiary OBAL - SERVIS, a.s. also supported this good cause with the sum of 1 505 EUR. The gift with a total value of 111 877.99 EUR was presented at the beginning of 2015 for the early benefit of the hospital doctors and their little patients.


Danielko was one of the first
patients who underwent medical
examination by means of
the ultrasound machine, carried out
by the pediatric cardiologist
Dr. Marta Herichová.







We support talented
students of U. S. Steel


Education and
educational system

Scholarship Program

This is intended for supporting the higher education studies of talented children of U. S. Steel employees as well as talented students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds studying at technical colleges and universities. The program promotes students who, in addition to their studies, are engaged in various social support activities, and at the same time this motivates high school students to achieve better study results, since their inclusion in the program also depends on their achievements.




Social and
humanitarian aid

The Foundation has helped the St. Klement Hofbauer Foster Home in Podolínec to improve its care for the boys and girls through public fund-raising based on the second edition of a special USSK Family Cookbook, full of well-tested Slovak and American recipes for various dishes.  Proceeds from the collection will be used by the Foster Home to purchase and reconstruct a small house to provide temporary accommodation for young adults whose constitutional care rights have expired.


The Foundation
has helped the St. Klement
Hofbauer Foster
Home in Podolínec.

The project with a long tradition in this area is the "Wishing Tree" project, which tries to fulfill the wishes of children in foster homes as well as families of employees of U. S. Steel Košice, who find themselves in a difficult situation - a long-term illness or death of a parent.

The Foundation has also supported two Half-Way Homes for the first time - in Košice and in Prešov, where young adults, former children in care of a foster home, can take refuge. 


Support for children
whose families do not
have sufficient funds
to finance their sports

Physical culture
and sport

In this area the Foundation mainly works with the grant program named Your chance to play.
The program focuses on supporting children whose families do not have sufficient funds to finance their sports activities. In the school year 2014/2015 we also gave more opportunities to young talented sporting people from among the children of employees of U. S. Steel Košice and its subsidiaries, namely in the selected team sports of ice-hockey, basketball and soccer, and other sports on an individual basis.

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The projects supported by the Foundation also traditionally include the International Indoor Football Tournament for Deaf Children Under 17 years in Prešov, which is the only one in the world devoted to this category of disabled footballers at a national level.

News from community

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U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel
044 54 Košice
Slovak Republic

Phone.: +421 55 673 1111
Fax: +421 55 673 1110



ID No.: 36 199 222
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Commercial Register: District Court Kosice I, Sec.: Sro, File No.: 11711/V



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