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If you are a provider of services or a supplier of material for U. S. Steel Košice and if you are looking for information about our mutual business relation, we are offering you such an opportunity by means of the following web applications.

web apPliCATIONS


eSupplier web application for electronic communication with suppliers for the Procurement field /demands, orders, DEO, GTC/



ETS web application for entering electronic logbooks of repairs and services.



SBI web application for Self-invoicing.



Web application for submitting requests for USSK visit.



Web application for submitting request forms for the permission to enter USSK premises.



Web application for truck loading scheduling.



Contractor Safety - ISNetworld

At U. S. Steel Košice (USSK) we value the health and safety of every individual working on our assets. Our commitment to safety has led us to evaluate and enhance the way we collect and manage information for our contractors and subcontractors.

Effective September 2017 USSK has partnered with ISN ( to help us achieve our goal of zero incidents and ensuring every person goes home safely, each and every day. ISNetworld run by ISN is an online contractor management service that assists companies in reporting information to their customers (like USSK) to assist in streamlining the qualification process, which benefits both USSK and your company.

The subscription to ISNetworld is required for all contractors for which at least one of the following criteria applies during the work for USSK and in the premises of USSK:

  • Works with high fire risk and "Hot Work" permission required during work
  • Self-Containing Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is used at work
  • Comes into contact with Chemicals substances and preparations dangerous to life and human health and to the environment
  • During the work it is required to adhere to the Life Threatening Programs: Energy control program, Elevated work and fall prevention, Confined space entry program, Mobile equipment program (except personal motor vehicles), Gas Hazard Management Program, Crane Operation and Load Handling Program, Molten Metal Employee Exposure Program.

In order for your company to be considered as contractor qualified to perform services/works at USSK, we require to complete/submit the following information in ISNetworld:

  • Company Profile
  • Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Questionnaire
  • Written Safety Policies, including Life Threatening Policies
  • Certificate of Insurance

If your company is a current subscriber to ISNetworld, there is no additional fee; however, please ensure your company has completed the requirements specific to USSK. If your company is new to ISNetworld, there is an annual fee for this service. USSK believes the benefits to both parties will far exceed any associated costs.

For more information about ISNetworld and the benefits of being a subscribed contractor, please contact the ISN Customer Service Team using the information provided below:

+421 800 606 549


Training and testing of contractors

Due to the negative trend of contractor safety, the management of U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. decided that all contractor employees performing work at the Operations and/or Maintenance for U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. or its subsidiaries, are obliged to pass the Cardinal Rules – Life Threatening Programs training and testing.


Aim of this training is to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge related to Cardinal rules and other Life Threatening Programs. Contractors performing work at the Operations or Maintenance are able to perform this Safety rules in practice as well.


Martina Kaprálová

General Manager Procurement


+421 55 673 4997


Marián Egry

Director Global Procurement 


+421 55 673 4166


František Janke

Director Spare Parts, Repairs and Services Procurement


+421 55 673 4702


Peter Tulenko

Director MRO & CAPEX Procurement


+421 55 673 4840


Marek Blaško

Director Strategic Raw Materials 


+421 55 673 4715


Martina Kováčová

General Manager Procurement Center of Excellence


+421 55 673 4925

Mária Kurucová

Director Procurement Transaction Center


+421 55 673 4700

Bibiána Perátová

Director Data Management and Reporting


+421 55 673 4701



U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel
044 54 Košice
Slovak Republic

Phone.: +421 55 673 1111
Fax: +421 55 673 1110



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VAT ID: SK7020000119

Commercial Register: District Court Kosice I, Sec.: Sro, File No.: 11711/V



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