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Responsibility Brings Success,  and Success Brings   Responsibility

From the beginning of our activity in Košice we have been interested in the in needs of the region where we live and work. We are actively involved in both problem solving and development challenges, and in compliance with the company values we provide support directly or through our Nadácia U. S. Steel Košice Foundation. We have been partners to many organizations bringing valuable solutions to the community.



Main fields of support:

Health care

projects aimed at improving health-care equipment and services provided by facilities in and around Košice. Thousands of our employees have actively supported these projects in the voluntary Christmas Fund-Raising.

education and schools

we cooperate with technical secondary schools and universities. The aim of the Scholarship Program is to support talented students at colleges and universities, and we also have the Summer Internship Program for them.


we support pre-teen and junior sections of sports clubs, and the Your Chance to Play project supports children who are gifted at sports, especially future ice-hockey and basketball talents from socially-disadvantaged families, as well as children from steelmaker families. We have also been a long term partner of the champion ice-hockey team HC Košice as well as the Košice Peace Marathon, the oldest marathon in Europe.


we are a partner of Košice State Theatre as well as the Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Košice, and we also support other local, national or international cultural events organized in Eastern Slovakia.  The Steel Park, a creative and entertainment center for children, is our contribution to the Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013 project.


we support children in foster homes, as well as mentally and physically disabled people. We direct our help through several projects: Wishing Trees, Christmas Charity Hut or We Are with You at the Right Time.


our Equal Opportunities project developed in cooperation with local municipalities offers solutions to specific Roma issues in the fields of education and employment.


we support community projects focused on safety, environmental improvement, and activities for children through our Together for the Region program. We also provide by-product gravel for public benefit purposes.

You can find more information about supported activities in recent years in our Corporate Social Responsibility Reports or Annual Reports.

Content of a request for support



Data of the applicant

Name and surname, or name of the organization, mailing address, contact person name, phone no., e-mail address.


Basic information

Subject of the request, or name and objective of the project, the target group definition (age and number of participants), contribution of the project to participants and society, project budget, time schedule of the project.


Project partners - their identity, their contribution to the budget, and the total amount requested from the Nadácia U. S. Steel Košice Foundation.



From previous editions or based on implementing other projects of the organization.




Nadácia U. S. Steel Košice
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel
044 54 Košice
Slovak Republic


Foundation Administrator

+421 55 673 4915

News from community

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U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
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Slovak Republic

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