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U.S. Steel Košice - SBS, s.r.o.

About the company

U.S. Steel Košice - SBS, s.r.o. was established in 1991. It operates in accordance with Law No. 473/2005 Statutes on the operation of private security services as amended. 

Recently, the company uses a certificated quality management system in accordance with standards EN ISO 9001:2000.


Main domain of activity:

The principal line of business of U.S. Steel Košice - SBS, s.r.o. is the operation of a guard service, on authority of a license assigned by the Regional Directorate of the Police Department in Košice. 

The main customer for services provided by SBS is U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o., which requires comprehensive protection of property within the company area. Considering the territorial integrity and boundary of this area, SBS provides its guard service also to all other subjects located or with business activity within the area of USSK.



Provision of guard services comprises:

  • protection of property against larcenies, misuse, damage or destruction;
  • issuing of entrance passes for persons and motor vehicles accessing the area of U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. /hereinafter "the area"/;
  • checking legitimacy of natural persons' and motor vehicles' access to the area and buildings;
  • checking of persons and transport vehicles entering and leaving the area, whether the person entering or leaving a building wears or carries on him/herself or in a motor vehicle, or in any other way transfers, objects coming from illegal activity related to the protected building;
  • detecting the consumption of alcohol-containing beverages or other intoxicating substances by persons entering the area;
  • surveillance operations by motorized patrols;
  • performance of tasks related to protection of property of extraordinary importance;
  • property protection in transport from place of choice to place of destination/storage according to customer requirements;
  • ensuring public order and organizational services at formal, sports, cultural and other events.

SBS possesses an alarm signal registration panel (assurance of property protection through radio
transmission of signals), serving to ensure permanent technical protection of property as follows:

of alarm system to alarm
registration center

receipt and processing
of alarm signal

by mobile squad

Employees of the company are authorized to carry out the operation of this guard service on the authority of a certificate of professional competency issued by the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic.



Gabriel LÖRINC


 +421 55 673 4348

Peter MORO

Head of Accounts Dept.

 +421 55 673 4196


Head of security services

 +421 55 673 9555

U.S. Steel Košice - SBS, s.r.o.

Registered office:
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel,
044 54 Košice, Slovak Republic
Ident. No.: 00 697 745


U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel
044 54 Košice
Slovak Republic

Phone.: +421 55 673 1111
Fax: +421 55 673 1110



ID No.: 36 199 222
VAT ID: SK7020000119

Commercial Register: District Court Kosice I, Sec.: Sro, File No.: 11711/V



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GPS coordinates:
48.624314 N, 21.188045 E –

You can also visit the website of our parent company United States Steel Corporation.