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Highlights of 20/2004

Created: 5/17/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 20/2004

U. S. Steel Kosice sponsors Investment Road Show

For the third time U. S. Steel Kosice is sponsoring an Investment Road Show in North America. The objective of this series of seminars is to bring foreign Ddirect Iinvestment into Eastern Slovakia. USSK's Economic Development Center (EDC) personnel in close cooperation with SARIO kickstarted off this round of conferences in Toronto - the first time this event has been held in Canada.
This week, the team of experts on investing in Slovakia, will also discuss opportunities with potential investors in New York, Chicago and Detroit. As at previous conferences an integral part of each meeting with investors is the EDC's proven and highly-praised Investment Workshop, which details the various facts of investment in Slovakia. In addition to discussing opportunities, potential investors are also candidly informed about obstacles and how to deal with them. "Every investor should know about the significant opportunities which there are to for investing in Slovakia.
The atmosphere and support for the business community is excellent. It is important that people looking to invest understand the positive factors that have happened and are continuing to happen in Slovakia with respect to investment," said U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta President of USSK. U. S. Steel, at the time of it's acquisition in Kosice agreed with the Slovak government at the time of the acquisition in Kosice that it would promote economic development in Slovakia.
U. S. Steel has decided to continue its support to for this economic development despite the fact that the commitment expired more than one year ago. "There are the great opportunities here and we want to do our best to make sure Slovakia and the region achieve the benefits they deserve," added Mr. Navetta.

Double victory joy for Australian Luczak

Sporting life in Kosice was taken up all last week with tennis. The Anicka tennis center was the venue for the matches in the second annual men's challenger tournament Steelers Cup, offering prizes worth 25 000 euro. With generous support from the principal sponsor U. S. Steel Kosice, the tournament was of excellent standard. The final match had a dramatic course before being decided in his own favor by the Australian Luczak. Besides the singles competition, he was also successful in the doubles, playing with the American Bowen and beating the Czech players Hernych and Kralert.

Brilliant performances by young gymnasts

Last weekend in Kosice saw the holding of the 27th edition of the annual competition for talented young gymnasts known as the Jozef Pajor Memorial. For the third time in the history of this international gymnastics event, the general sponsor was our company U. S. Steel Kosice. Apart from local competitors, this memorial meeting was also attended by boy and girl gymnasts from foreign clubs in Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and the Czech Republic.


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