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Highlights of 24/2008

Created: 6/16/2008
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLIGHAM, Marian HUTNAN
Category: 24/2008

Number of snack-bars set to increase

In the last few days several new snack-bars have been opened around the U. S. Steel Kosice works, bringing their total number to date up to forty-seven. All of them meet the demanding hygienic and technical regulation criteria, being equipped with two refrigerators for storing cooled foodstuffs which employees can buy and eat by the bar or take home; a microwave oven for heating food, a kirchen unit with a sink and running water, covered bins for communal and biological wastes, a separate basin with piped hot and cold water for washing hands, and tables and chairs. Every snack-bar has its official operating rules available.
The best division in this respect this year is Transport, which has set up 14 snack-bars. "Based on our development program we are planning to set up many more snack-bars by the year 2010, primarily in workplaces operating round-the-clock," Ocel Vychodu was informed by Vice-president Human Resources Martin Pitorak. He added that the target figure for that year is set at 115, which reflects the requirement to ensure access to catering facilities for all employees.

Steelmakers' record

The small team of the products shipping center, Michal Juhas and Jaroslav Cifranic from the Steel Plants Charge Preparation unit led by Albin Kocis in the Steel Production operation at the Steel Plants Division, have beaten the one-year-old products shipping record by shipping out 47 344 tons in May. This achievement is also thanks to the railway workers of the Blast Furnaces transport section led by Miroslav Bodrog and the Velka Ida transport section led by Peter Balog, as well as the Slag Sales and Internal Supplies Department managed by Milan Jurko. The team achieved outstanding results mainly in shipping steel-plant sludge and dust from the gas cleaners to the cement-works and demetallized steelmaking slag to outside customers, enabling savings of more than nine million Slovak crowns to be made in the costs of transporting these materials to the dry dump, but also bringing in revenues of more than 350 000 crowns from the sales.

Excitement again at Anicka

The clay courts at the Anicka tennis center in Kosice saw a great beginning to the latest men's challenger tournament with 30 000 euro in prize money. The 6th edition of the Kosice Open Steelers Cup tennis event was again supported by U. S. Steel Kosice as general sponsor. The tournament was opened on Saturday, June 7th, with a meeting of the 32 qualifiers and exhibition games by Slovak national team members Dominika Cibulkova and Dominik Hrbaty. These were followed by an auction of the places playing beside them in the doubles games. The winning bid of 20 000 Slovak crowns for the opportunity to play beside Dominika Cibulkova was made by USSK Vice-president Miroslav Kiralvarga on behalf of his son Pavol, and for the same sum the Chairman of the Executive Board of East Slovakian Electricity Norbert Schürmann was able to play beside Dominik Hrbaty.
The tennis racket of another Slovak national team member, Daniela Hantuchova, was also auctioned. This became the property of U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke for the sum of 16 000 Slovak crowns. During the exhibition games there was a collection of voluntary entry payments from the spectators, so altogether a total of 71 000 crowns was produced at Anicka on Saturday afternoon. Just like last year, the organizers dedicated this sum to charity.


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