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Highlights of 20/2012

Created: 10/8/2012
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 20/2012

First Family Safety Day event is a success

Last weekend, for the first time in its history, U. S. Steel Kosice opened its gates to the steelworkers' families. September 22 and 23 saw the first edition of the annual event entitled "Where does my father, my mom work? Family Safety Day". The event attracted enormous interest, and in the end the opportunity to look round the workplaces of their nearest and dearest and take part in an entertaining activity program was taken up by more than 4 100 visitors. They were not sparing with their praise, whether for the number of attractions for both children and adults, or for the excellent organization.
In addition to a guided tour of the hot rolling mill or a coach tour around the whole steelworks, the guests could get up close to some of the USSK products, look over some of the heavy machines which are used in steelmaking operations, and find out what sort of attention the Company devotes to the safety at work of its employees, and why the protection of the health and lives of its workforce is the most important of its priorities. There were accompanying presentations by ecologists, fire-fighters, police dog-handlers and weapons experts and paramedic rescue teams, and as usual there were competitions and creative workshops for children, sports activities and a varied cultural program.

Last week was spent in the spirit of ethics

The motto "Let's do what is right" aptly presents the way USSK directs its efforts in the area of ethics, and expresses just as aptly what the Company expects from each of its employees in terms of ethical conduct. The importance of standards of conduct in all operations owned by the Corporation was reiterated in the days from September 17 to 21 with this year's Week of Ethics and Keeping Principles. These ideas were applied on two levels at U. S. Steel Kosice.
The first consisted of short videos shown every day in which top management members shared their own specific experience with respect to ethics with the employees. The second level was connected with the amended Code of Ethical Conduct of U. S. Steel Kosice. This updated document, which provides useful advice supporting correct decision-making, was placed in the hands of every steelmaker in printed form. The Week of Ethics and Keeping Principles was also used by Company managers for calling meetings with their staff, to remind them of the importance of ethical conduct in business.

Cooperation with industry has always been important

The Faculty of Metallurgy at the Technical University of Kosice is currently marking the 60th anniversary of its establishment. Since then, up to the end of the academic year in 2012 it has educated more than 5 300 metallurgical engineers, of which 100 have been from other countries, 282 gained the degree of Candidate of Sciences and 204 have become Doctors of Philosophy. Throughout its development the Faculty has always focused on close linkage with industry, and one of its traditional partners is now U. S. Steel Kosice.
Cooperation is based primarily on technical education and research. The principal fields of common interest are primary production, ecology, power engineering, mathematical modeling and optimization, as well as control of steelmaking processes and product characteristics. Our research staff support the practical side of the students' education by setting up practical sessions in the Company's laboratories, and with specialist tutorials during the preparation of "bakalar" and "inzinier" degree dissertations and doctoral theses.


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