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Winning projects announced in Together for the Region program 2021

Created: 3/15/2021
Author: U. S. Steel Košice
Category: Hot stories

Košice, March 15, 2021 – Steelmaking company U. S. Steel Košice and the Carpathian Foundation have published the names of successful projects in the 14th edition of the annual grant program known as Together for the Region. Thanks to their financial support, once again this year six meaningful projects will be able to proceed to the benefit of children, safety and the environment in eastern Slovakia.

Anti-pandemic measures have considerably impacted the way of life of most people in Slovakia. Home office, absence of social events and travel restrictions have led to people spending a lot more time outdoors around their home or in the countryside. Many have started getting much more interested in their environment, and this increased level of interest is confirmed by growth in the numbers of applications for support of community projects in various subsidy schemes. The organizers of the Together for the Region grant program received a total of 31applications for support in the current year. This program going back many years provides grants to active non-profit organizations and municipalities in both Košice and Prešov regions.

A specific feature of the Together for the Region grant program is that it supports active engagement by employees of USSK and its subsidiary companies. The projects submitted for consideration involve a total of 70 employees devoting their free time in various ways. This is appreciated by U. S. Steel Košice President Jim Bruno himself: “It‘s not only a stable company, but also and above all educated, hard-working and active people who can be a driving force for development in this region. During this pandemic we‘ve given priority to helping health-care facilities and at-risk groups in the population. We‘re happy that through the Together for the Region grants our financial injection will now generate new energy and value in other areas of life.ˮ

Two steelmakers who are members of the Castrum Thorna civic association are going to become stone-masons at Turňa Castle, where together with other volunteers they will help in restoring the gunnery bastion, thus increasing the safety level for castle visitors. The visitors themselves will also share in the work, and the assistance they give in carrying building materials up to the castle will be an interesting and attractive part of each visit. Thanks to its new simulator the Košice Children‘s Historical Railway is going to give its visitors a special experience of riding the train in the engine-driver‘s cab itself. The Horúci tím (Hot Team) civic association is going to set up Montessori workshops at Abranovce near Prešov, thus considerably helping the development of disadvantaged children in the village. In the village of Hýľov near Košice the community is going to come together and build a new relaxation area, where local people and visitors will be able to get to know the historical and natural attractions of this region. Using the grant from the program the civic association called Detičky lastovičky (Children/Swallows) in Medzilaborce is going to hold a series of activities supporting inclusion of disadvantaged children. Through the times spent together in group games and shared activities they will try to teach the children that doing good, especially benefiting their friends who are differently gifted, is an exceptional thing. The volunteers in the Save Nature by Čivas civic association also have interesting plans, as they are going to clear up fly-tipping garbage and clean up streams and hiking trails mainly in the Košice-Environs district.

U. S. Steel Košice‘s partner and administrator of the program for the past 14 years is the Carpathian Foundation. During this time they have together supported 119 organizations with a total sum of 294 400 EUR.

“Having a reliable partner in these difficult times is a privilege, especially one you can work with in helping the region and supporting good causes. At the same time it‘s fantastic for us to see people these days, what with all the various restrictions, giving heed to their surroundings and helping others,” says Laura Dittel, Director of the Carpathian Foundation. “We are sure that our partnership with U. S. Steel Košice will continue providing a lot of goodness and support to this region.”

Organizations and projects being supported this year:

  • Castrum Thorna civic association (Turňa nad Bodvou) – Safe bastion - 2 296 EUR
  • Košice Children‘s Historical Railway civic association (Košice) – Children‘s Rail-way safe for everyone - 2 296 EUR
  • Horúci tím (Abránovce) - Montessori workshops for disadvantaged children - 1 570 EUR
  • Hýľov village (Hýľov) – Manor-house Oasis full of Treasures - 2 296 EUR
  • Detičky lastovičky (Medzilaborce) – Shared moments - 2 296 EUR
  • Save Nature by Čivas (Veľká Ida) – Let‘s clear up our surroundings - 2 246 EUR

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For more information contact:

Ján Bača, Spokesman    
U. S. Steel Košice    
tel.: +421 55 673 4618    

Ján Melikant, PR and communication
Carpathian Foundation
tel.:+ 421 905 881 359    


About the program partners:

U. S. Steel Košice is the biggest steelmaking company in Slovakia, and a prestigious corporate partner and responsible community neighbor supporting development of the region where its partners and employees live. Since its foundation in 2000 the Company has contributed more than 48 million EUR in support for children and youth activities, healthcare, sports and sporting events, environmental and educational programs, projects promoting the cultural identity of the region, and above all those promoting improved day-to-day safety. U. S. Steel Košice supports its active employees, respecting their generosity associated with Company fundraising for charity purposes, and developing their voluntary activities performed in favor of the community. For more information visit:

The Carpathian Foundation has been supporting eastern Slovakia for 26 years, and during this time it has supported more than a thousand projects with a total sum of nearly three million EUR. The mission of the Foundation is to encourage people and organizations to take responsibility for themselves, their community, region and future. From the outset it has provided financial support, counselling and technical support for active people and organizations who are interested in improving life in this region. The Carpathian Foundation also supports and initiates innovative programs of informal education enabling people in eastern Slovakia to lead full and successful lives. For more information visit:


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