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Christmas Charity Hut


The Charity Hut is one of the projects through which U. S. Steel Košice helps the community. Since 2006 during the Christmas Market on Main Street in Košice, the Company has been providing its hut to non-profit organizations for their promotion and organizes public fund-raising for them as well. The Company employees and scholarship holders help in the hut as volunteers during the eighteen days of the Market.

Regional non-profit organizations do a lot of beneficial work for kids and youngsters, including the disabled, as well as for seniors. They work in complicated conditions and everybody who stops at the hut can support them with their interest or a small contribution.







We help those who need it

U. S. Steel Košice gives non-profit organizations an opportunity to present their work and activities during Košice Christmas on Hlavná Street.
Every day from December 5 to 20, 2018, sixteen organizations will be present in the U. S. Steel Košice Hut, who you can support as well.

List of non-profit organizations:

December 5, 2018 ArtEst – Esthetic Education of Disabled Youth, Košice
December 6, 2018 The Chance (for children in a wheelchair), Košice
December 7, 2018 Forrest Gump Club, Košice
December 8, 2018 Psychosocial Center, Löfflerova St., Košice
December 9, 2018 Creative Workshop Civic Association, Košice
December 10, 2018 Slovak Union for the Blind and Partially Sighted, Košice branch
December 11, 2018 Happiness - Association of Relatives & Friends in Košice
December 12, 2018 Archdiocesan Charity Košice
December 13, 2018 League Against Cancer, Košice branch
December 14,2018 Uralská Street Foster Home, Košice
December 15, 2018 Association of Mutual Help of People and Dogs, Košice
December 16, 2018 Smile At Me Civic Association, Košice
December 17, 2018 Re-education Centre, Bankov, Košice
December 18, 2018 ETP Slovakia - Centre for Sustainable Development, Košice
December 19, 2018 Rubikon Autistic Centre, Košice
December 20, 2018 Elementary Arts School – Painting Section, Kováčska St., Košice


Christmas Charity Hut project
Vstupný areál U. S. Steel
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News from community

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Košice, December 4, 2018 – The Christmas Charity Hut of U. S. Steel Košice has been a part of the Christmas Market on Hlavná Street for thirteen years. From December 5th to 20th the steelmaking ...


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