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Steel structures for
sustainable future 

Sustainability is a main driver for new development projects.  Just by the steel usage in construction the timeless design and long lifetime of buildings can be achieved.  Reducing environmental burdens such as lowering CO2 generation and the opportunity to recycle 100% of the material - all this makes steel the material of the future.


Structures and sheathing of buildings 

High demands on strength, load capacity and resistance to corrosion and weathering are placed on individual building components.  With the use of steel, stability and safety of the building will be secured for decades.




Steel is also used in passive buildings,
as a structural basis, facade systems as well as roofs. 

Cost optimization 

Speed of construction by means of steel structures, facade systems and roofs has a positive impact on the overall budget of a project.

Painted sheets represent an anti-corrosive material with high resistance to weather and UV radiation. 

Steel usage as a structural and cladding material will result in a natural fire barrier.


Attractive design that is ageless

Material for exteriors adapts to individual requirements for functionality and aesthetics.  Painted sheet is so variable that it enables architects to create a timeless design of buildings.

High formability is an advantage of steel, furthermore required quality characteristics and various types of surface treatment (smooth, with high-gloss, structured), including a wide range of available colors remain unchanged. As a result, a unique look of the building is visible.

Color pigment is applied on the hot dip galvanized material directly in the production process, whereby ensuring high resistance of wall panels.  Any facade sheathed with the painted sheets has ability to withstand UV radiation and corrosion for long time – it does not fade and does not lose the attractive appearance for up to 40 years.


Using steel in architecture and construction offers a unique, minimalist
and modern design.  

A roof made of steel for a safe home

Any steel roof constitutes a modern alternative to traditional roof coverings. It also serves as excellent fire insulation and corrosion protection. 

When using painted steel, the roof effectively reflects solar radiation from its surface, thus preventing interior overheating.  Reduced demand for cooling of buildings during summer months results in lower costs for any air conditioning operation.  


Financial profitability - a steel roof is an option
for architects and end customers to get a competitive price. 

Material for steel roofs are low-weight; therefore the new roof can also be placed on the original, already existing construction.  The roof retains high stability (does not tend to deform) and resistance to strong winds

U. S. Steel Košice produces steel for building structures, production bays, roof covering and ceilings, sheathing of buildings, gutters, steel floors, garage doors and various architectural elements for interior and exterior. 

Advantages of steel structures in construction 

  • Sustainability and ecological processing of material  
  • CO2 gas emissions reduction 
  • Reduces environment burden 
  • 100% recyclable material  
  • Economic advantage  
  • Strength, load limit and durability 
  • Anticorrosive material  
  • Resistance to external influences and UV radiation
  • Opportunity to get a surface treatment for chemical resistance 
  • Thermal insulation properties 
  • Fire insulation 
  • Simple and fast installation  
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Adaptability and variability of use  
  • Wide range of available colors, patterns and treatment of surface 
  • Creative design  
  • Timeless architecture 
  • Lifetime of constructions 


U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
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