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Coated products and Tin mill division reached 3,000,000 hours without injury

Created: 11/14/2021
Author: Ján BAČA
Category: Company news

As the third division in the row (after Transport division and Subsidiaries) in the history of U. S. Steel Košice, it achieved excellent success in the form of 3 million hours without injuries/accidents. It happened on November 12. Director of DZ Tibor Kovács is proud of all 730 colleagues. “All the people in our plant contributed to this. And we were also helped by our systematic approach to occupational safety, ie all segments of our safety system, which is being built here for 21 years. Thanks to that, we have such a result. The last record was classified as a medical treatment on March 18, 2019. So we worked without injury for 32 months.” Jim Bruno, President U. S. Steel Košice, acknowledges also this safety milestone:

I am very pleased and proud of my colleagues who have proved that the excellent safety results go hand in hand with great production performance. It is clear to me that as a team our colleagues have a true mastery of their jobs and operations.  CONGRATULATIONS!!! ”

Robert Meitner, General Manager for Security and Protection U. S. Steel Košice adds: “Congratulations, you set the bar high!”




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