During the holidays, we feed mothers with children

During the holidays, we feed mothers with children

Today, we delivered half of the 933 lunches donated by 185 steelworkers.   The first stop was the facility of the Archdiocesan Charity - Crisis Center for Mothers with Children in Košická Nová Ves. They were looking forward to our arrival. "We have 60 adults and 60 children at the centre. The lunches you donated will help them a lot.  We provide them with a roof over their heads, they take care of the food themselves, we do not cook together for everyone. Every family has a fridge in their room and they can cook in the common kitchen," Miroslav Firda from the Crisis Center told us, adding: "The Easter holidays will survive alone, we do not organize any joint program."

For mothers, the free two-day hot meals they will be able to treat their children to a cookie, a toy or buy what they urgently need and for which they did not have money left.

Our second stop on the delivery journey, together with Kamil Kollarčík from the company Delirest, who cooked and packed the lunches in the form of chilled food, was another facility of the Archdiocesan Charity - St. Elizabeth Charity House on Bosákova Street.

We were already eagerly awaited there. Guys were hanging out to help us unload and take away our lunches. "We've already been asked when you're coming. They know chilled food well from you, after all, you have been here in the past. It is a ready-made diet that you just need to warm up and it is very tasty," says Soňa Hlaváčová.

In this facility, more than 80 homeless people can stay overnight, plus more than twenty others will also come for meals from the dormitory on Fialkova Street.  They also provide food themselves. The facility only provides them with areas where they can prepare or warm up food. They usually buy semi-finished products, but there are also a few who cook something here and there.  The advantage is given to those who want to work and go to work for other organizations or boroughs. For working 4 hours, they will receive a meal voucher. Even so, they try to teach them and lead them to provide for the basic necessities of life on their own.

If you have shared your lunches, you can definitely feel good about this pre-holiday period.  Your help isn't just about food. Those who are not so lucky in life are heart-warmed that there are people who are not indifferent to their fate.

The second batch of donated lunches will be delivered on April 4.


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