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Family Safety Day for the seventh time

Created: 6/13/2018
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Category: Safety

The seventh edition of the very popular annual corporate event called Family Safety Day with the secondary title Where does my Dad, my Mom work, which took place on June 2, 2018, fully satisfied the expectations of the employees of U. S. Steel Košice and their family members alike. The organizers prepared a rich and interesting program for the more than five thousand visitors to this open-day event. The most attractive features for the steelmakers' families were unquestionably the plant tours. There was great interest in the walk-through tour of the hot rolling mill production operation, where visitors could see slabs being heated in the pusher furnaces, sheets being rolled on the preparatory and finishing rolling trains, laminar cooling, and finally the hot-rolled coils ready for dispatching. The other choice was a bus tour of the steelworks taking in most of the primary divisions, with the chance to see right inside the hall of HDG Line No. 3. More than 2100 visitors took part in these two plant tours.


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