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Maintenance Man of the Year in Slovakia is Marián Hanečák from U. S. Steel Košice

Created: 6/13/2018
Author: Köteles
Category: 06/2018

Leading managers and specialists in the field of maintenence, representatives of important industrial companies and a wide range of commercial branchesfrom Slovakia and abroad, as well as experts from the academic community, met together on May 29 and 30 of this year in the High Tatras for this year's 18th edition of the annual international conference called the National Maintenance Forum 2018.

Among the participants there were of course as usual several U. S. Steel Košice managers, this time including Peter Gazsi, Marko Rentka, Henrich Klajber, Ján Grešák, Rastislav Milan, Marek Jenčo and Tibor Kovács, who were the first to congratulate Marián Hanečák, in charge of the operation for Maintenance of the Coated Products and Tin Mill division, for winning the title of Maintenance Man of the Year 2017. This title was awarded to Marián Hanečák by the Slovak Maintenance Society for his significant contribution to the development of maintenance.


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