Highlights of 31/2004

Highlights of 31/2004

U. S. Steel Košice at international fairs and exhibitions

During the first half of 2004 U. S. Steel Kosice presented its products at ten trade fairs and exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad. Seven more events are planned for the rest of the year. "These will be in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany and France," Ocel Vychodu was informed by Frantisek Helfen, head of the Commercial Promotion section. "Our biggest participation will be in Brno at the International Engineering Fair, which takes place from September 20th to 24th. We'll be having interior and exterior exhibitions covering an area of 364 square meters. Our company's exhibitions will be presented together with those of Refraco and Walzwerk Finow. The location will be the same as last year, where the atrium area of the single-storey building with its fountain creates a pleasant environment for business talks. The exhibition will include artworks created by designers during this year's 'Inspiration in Metal' workshop at U. S. Steel Kosice."

Young people help to save a unique mine at Dubnik

Commercial mining for opals at Dubnik near Kosice ended in 1922. The mining installations and administrative buildings subsequently fell into disrepair, and the unique mining settlement was left in ruins. With the aim of preventing its complete obliteration, the Dubnik Opal Mines Foundation was set up in 1999. "Our intention is to save the mine, build a museum with underground and open-air parts, create nature-trails, and last but not least to maintain the hibernation places for protected species of bats," Ocel Vychodu was told by the Foundation administrator and young mining engineer Martin Jancok. Three years ago the Foundation began organizing summer youth camps in the mine area. Boys and girls from the nearby towns and further afield help with clearing the terrain for the planned nature-trails and uncovering the remains of the old mining school, while the older ones also work underground. In May of this year, representatives of U. S. Steel Kosice and the Dubnik Opal Mines Foundation agreed on a joint project - the "Opal Mine Elfs" summer camps for young Romanies aged twelve to sixteen years. Six of the ten weekly camps will be taken up by more than 60 Romany children, mainly from the Lunik IX neighborhood, and the other four by youngsters from nearby towns as in previous years. The first group of Romany children have already completed their stay at the camp together with their priest, Father Cerven, and the others will be enjoying their stays over the coming weeks.

Children enjoy themselves in the Tatras

This week a group of Kosice steelmakers' children are on a recreational stay in the High Tatras. They have walking trips prepared for them up the Tatra mountain trails, a visit to the Belianska Cave, entertainment programs and discotheques in the evenings, a "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" quiz, a "Right Girl - Right Boy" competition, and a whole series of other events including a sports olympiad.

New, improved Summer Olympiad

There's only a month to go now before the grand opening ceremony of the 14th annual U. S. Steel Kosice Summer Olympiad, which is being held on September 3rd and 4th this year. The competitions in five-a-side football, volleyball, football-tennis, table-tennis, skittles, softball, cycling, 10 km run and tennis are to be extended this year to include a sport which is increasingly popular among USSK employees - squash.

Season starts with a draw

On Thursday of last week the HC Kosice ice-hockey team played their first pre-season match at home against Zilina, which they drew 1:1. The next pre-season game was against Presov, and this Friday they come up against Poprad.

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