Highlights of 16/2005

Highlights of 16/2005

Employees' meetings with Company management

On Monday and Tuesday of this week (April 18th-19th) the Handball Hall in Kosice was the venue for a series of meetings for employees of U. S. Steel Kosice, to which they were invited by USSK President Christopher Navetta and the Company management. The main theme of the meetings was occupational safety, which is the absolute priority within the Corporation as a whole.

Open Days at USSK

Once again, just like last year, USSK Visitors' Center is organizing Open Days for the family members of U. S. Steel Kosice employees. This event is expected to attract great interest, because after all such an opportunity to take a close look at our Company's operations and get to know the steelmakers' demanding and responsible work does not come around very often. This year again guided tours have been prepared for interested visitors during working hours and over the weekend, so that everyone can choose a time that suits them.

Metalurgia 2005

Today, April 20th 2005, sees the beginning of what is now the sixth in the series of students' specialist research conferences, Metalurgia 2005. These are organized every year by the Faculty of Metallurgy at the Technical University in Kosice with the aim of supporting the development of talent, creative thinking and inventive capabilities of future metallurgists, and providing them with an opportunity to present their own independent research work. This event, which takes the form of a competition and which has been entered during the course of its existence by more than 200 students from Slovakia, but also from abroad, is also sponsored by U. S. Steel Kosice.

U. S. Steel Kosice radiators at the Racioenergia fair

At the beginning of April Bratislava hosted the grand 15th edition of the annual international trade fair for power-generating efficiency and rationalization of energy usage, Racioenergia 2005. This event also incorporated the 26th edition of the international construction trade fair Coneco and the 9th edition of the Climatherm exhibition. Products were presented at the Racioenergia fair by exhibitors from eleven countries. U. S. Steel Kosice exhibited its Korad radiators on an interestingly-conceived stand covering 100 square meters. This exhibition noticeably dominated its surroundings, and received positive responses from its visitors as well.

Kosice Ice-hockey Day

"When ball changed to puck" is the title of the exhibition which opens this afternoon at the Slovak Technical Museum in Kosice, after being put on already in Bratislava and Poprad, marking the 75th anniversary of the first organized ice-hockey competition in Slovakia. In Kosice this exhibition is enhanced with presentations of the history of ice-hockey in our city and the reconstruction of the Kosice Ice Stadium, and will be open to the public through till May 3rd.
Today's event, which is being held as Kosice Ice-hockey Day, is being opened by young hockey players wearing the shirts and carrying the flag of HC Kosice on a promotional tour downtown on in-line roller-skates. After this the participants will hear about the historic moments and successes of Kosice ice-hockey. The program continues with U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta presenting the new logo and name of the ice stadium in our eastern metropolis, and some words on the aims of the Kosice Arena Association from USSK Vice-president Anton Jura and HC Kosice President Lubomir Veme. Today's event closes with an autograph session featuring several former and current Kosice hockey players.

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