Highlights of 33/2005

Highlights of 33/2005

Meeting on occupational safety

At this year's April employees' meetings with U. S. Steel Kosice management, at which much was said about occupational safety, it was also stated that the aim of the USS Corporation is to reach the same standard in this field as the Alco and DuPont companies, which rank among the world's elite in terms of occupational safety. These words turned into actions, and the U. S. Steel Corporation made an agreement with experts from DuPont, who used questionnaires on April 25th and May 13th followed by personal interviews on May 30th and 31st and again on June 13th to 17th to investigate the standard of occupational safety in nine of the Corporation's plants in the USA, Serbia and Kosice. The aim was that the results gained from this research should be used in the continuous improvement of the occupational safety system. On Thursday and Friday of last week top managers of U. S. Steel Kosice gathered for a meeting to find out the research results and the DuPont experts' recommendations, and at the same time to contribute with their own proposals towards improving safety standards. The DuPont analysis and recommendations were presented at the meeting by their expert Paul Kende. For U. S. Steel Kosice in particular, of the questionnaires which were distributed to all Company employees, 12 168 were returned completed, and the project involved 79 USSK employees in the form of personal interviews. President David Lohr and Vice-president Scott Pape will attend a meeting in early September to raise and highlight the ideas of the employees of USSK on what they recommend we do to eliminate all accidents. Zero accidents is a goal that we all must believe is possible.

USSK is golden sponsor of diabetic children's camp

The first ever camp for diabetic children in the world was organized in the USA last century in 1924. Europe in this sense was just four years slower, and the former Czechoslovakia was seven years behind. More than 40 years had to go by, however, before Slovak children diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, the more common type of diabetes, were able to spend the summer holidays in special camps, just like their healthy peers, but supervised by doctors and nurses. These days such camps can only be organized on the basis of financial support from companies and institutions that are not indifferent to the fate of ill children. Two American companies operating in Slovakia, U. S. Steel Kosice and Johnson & Johnson, were golden sponsors of dia camps for the second time this summer, and these took place in two sessions in July and August at the USSK recreation center at Kosicka Bela. On Wednesday of last week, August 10th, 62 boys and girls came to say hello and spend some time with U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr and his wife Susan, and representatives of Johnson & Johnson and Kosice-Saca Hospital, the first private hospital in Slovakia.

Kosice City Handball Club teams win gold medals

We have no reason to fear for the future of men's handball in Kosice - provided of course that younger players get the chance to make their mark in the senior team of Kosice's 1st City Handball Club, which was not very successful in the 2004/2005 season of the joint Czech and Slovak handball inter-league (HIL). In contrast, not only the Club, whose principal sponsor is U. S. Steel Kosice, but the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia as a whole as well, were very happy with the performance in the same season of the Under-17 and Under-19 teams of the 1st City Handball Club, because both of them won the Slovak national champions' titles.

USSK Summer Olympiad

The grand 15th edition of the annual Summer Olympiad for U. S. Steel Kosice employees will be taking place on 2nd - 3rd September this year. Applications for taking part must be sent in by August 23rd. The new event in this year's Olympiad will be in-line skating races.

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