Highlights of 42/2005

Highlights of 42/2005

New organization structure implemented in HR sector

The result of the APT process, involving analyses leading to transformation of particular activities linked with human resources at U. S. Steel Kosice, is a new, more efficient organization structure which came into force on October 15th, 2005.
This is based on the establishment of two units, one of which will be responsible for creating the human resources management system, while the other carries out specific activities with regard to the employees, and outside the company. The former is the unit of the Vice-president for Employment and Motivation, and the latter is the unit of the General Manager for Development and HR Service. This sector also comprises a third unit of the GM for Safety, led by K. G. Kocsis.
At present this consists of the sections of the Director for Occupational Safety and Health and the Director for Safety of Selected Technical Plant.

Collection of children's clothes, toys and books begins

On Monday of this week the announced collection of clothes, toys and books for children in children's homes across the East Slovakian region began in two specified places. One collection point is in the Public Affairs building at the USSK works, and the second is at the "Autumn of Life" Senior Citizens' Club in Kosice. This collection is taking place on the initiative of the USSK President's wife Susan Lohr, and the wives of other American managers in Kosice as well as the pensioners of the "Autumn of Life" civic association are actively joining in. The collection will be going on until Friday, October 21st.

Subsidiaries draw up their balances

There was a meeting at the USSK recreation center Kosicka Bela last Friday, attended by Vice-president Strategic Implementation Anton Jura, at which the results of business of USSK's subsidiary companies were analyzed. According to their presentations, the subsidiaries are successfully fulfilling their strategic objectives.

Literature Club at the InfoUSA Center in Kosice

On Tuesday, October 25th, the InfoUSA Center at the State Research Library in Kosice will be starting to hold regular meetings for devotees of literature written in English. These public meetings will be chaired by an American teacher, and are meant to give book lovers the opportunity to familiarize themselves more closely with American and world literature.
The aim of the meetings is to create space for personal dialogue and the search for cultural empathy. American literary art comprises works written from around the year 1600 onwards, and their recurring theme is America's efforts to gain understanding and find its own identity. Thanks to the multitude of backgrounds of its population, America has been a unique place since the time of its establishment. Alongside the most commonly-featuring English language, American literature has been enlivened and enhanced from its very beginnings by the use of other languages and regional dialects.
Present-day American literature contains a variety of currents which have established a firm presence in world literary art, and have begun to influence other national literatures as well. If you too would like to join in this discovering of history and the literary secrets of life, as well as practising your English, you will all be most welcome at the InfoUSA Center at the State Research Library in Kosice, number 10 Main Street, on Tuesday, October 25th at 4.30 pm. The Literary Club will be meeting every other Tuesday from then on, at the same time.

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