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Highlights of 41/2006

Created: 10/16/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 41/2006

New investor in the region

Yesterday, October 10th, a working meeting was held at the Economic Development Center on Alzbetina Street, at which the arrival of a new investor in this region was announced - the French firm ZENOPS Slovakia for software development. ZENOPS, s. a., headquartered in Boulogne Billancourt, nearly Paris, is a leading provider of application software for mobile phone users. After opening its operation in the USA, it is the second subsidiary outside France that is launched. ZENOPS Slovakia s.r.o will be a critical asset for ZENOPS' long term development strategy. The decision to open its first development unit outside France was done after a long research process for the best suitabale place to get established in Europe. The macro economics, the geographical location and the availability of highly skilled workforce were the key decision factors. Moreover, the presence of Technical University of Kosice, flexible collaboration and support together with assistance of Economic Development Center of U. S. Steel Kosice (EDC) contributed to the right decision to establish ZENOPS Slovakia s.r.o. especially in Kosice.

Safety video for October 2006

USSK employees can use their PC or DVD player to look at this month's new safety video, called "Handling without Touching". The aim of the hands-free strategy is to propose basic measures for minimizing the risk of injury involved in the catching or trapping of hands between a load and another object, resulting in crushing or piercing, while using lifting gear and specifically during handling and attaching the load. Learning to identify potential threats and dangers when working below a crane hook and maintaining safe working procedures are the best ways to avoid injuries in jobs involving rigging up and transporting loads.

Potential threats and dangers mapped

Every new technology brings with it new risks - and this applies likewise in the conditions of U. S. Steel Kosice. For this reason from October 4th - 6th a special occupational safety and health protection inspection was carried out, aimed at seeking out threats and dangers in the premises of the new HDG line no. 3, which is not far from having the first dry runs carried out.. This inspection was led by OSHP GM Europe Mike Shuble and attended by representatives from USSK GM Safety Department. The inspection team was accompanied by one of the most experienced construction employees Peter Tomcik, who has played an active role since its commencement in the building of this magnificent piece of work.

Blast furnace workers have lunch with the President

On Wednesday of last week, October 4th, another of the now traditional informal lunches was held to which U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr invites employees who are outstanding for their excellent working results. This time the President and Vice-president Human Resources Miroslav Kiralvarga were joined around the dining-table by selected employees of the Blast Furnaces Division. The opening words were spoken by the host, who recounted some details of his career so far, his family and his interests, but especially about the intentions he brought with him to Kosice. One of his goals, he said among other things, is to make the steelworks as safe as possible. He is personally convinced that a zero accident rate is achievable. He is sure that his conviction is shared by the employees as well. And during the whole of last month, September, it was actually achieved.

First of this year's long-serving employees evenings

A year on, and the Ferrocentrum Social Club in Kosice is filled once again with long-serving steelmakers. Last Friday there was a gathering of cokery, blast furnaces, steel plant and power workers. The evening in the company of their partners was enjoyed by all of two hundred employees who have worked in these Company operations for thirty, thirty-five or forty years. In recognition of their long years of work, the President and other top managers of USSK personally presented them with letters of thanks and commemorative medals. Women with 35 years and men with 40 years of employmennt at the steelworks also received wristwatches engraved with the year of their working anniversary.


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