Highlights of 31/2007

Highlights of 31/2007

Information on occupational injuries from the first hand

It is Thursday, July 26, a few minutes to 1:00 p.m.. Calm atmosphere at the gatehouses is from time to time interrupted by turnstile screech when employees passing through, turning up to afternoon shift. A few minutes later, the situation changes completely. It´s time to shift relief, a rush hour. However, the arriving employees are stopped by men wearing orange dungarees, prescribed boots, helmets and protective goggles. They are general managers, directors of division plants, inspectors from section OSH director.
Each of them has a few forms in the hand, distributing them among surprised people. A unique event has just began at USSK. Safety flash - but other than we know. According to words of deputy GM Safety Mr. Robert Meitner, top managers wanted to make people aware of injuries that occurred in July and had the same denominator - lack of attention and care. They believe that it will address people more than if they only passively hear about the injuries during meetings or safety huddles. Active participation of top managers at this event expressed the Top Management commitment of employee safety being the first priority. They had been inspired by fellow employees in the U.S.. Similar events were organized in the past at Gary Works plant and lately at Fairfield, Alabama. The same event was organized by managers a day later between 5:00 - 6:00 a.m. They distributed total 5000 information sheets during the two days.

Summer camp for small ice-hockey players

Small ice-hockey players filled in the Steel Arena last week from Monday, July 23 until Friday, July 27. Pilot annual summer ice-hockey camp HC Kosice was organized here for ice-hockey beginners. Among other talented children, small ice-hockey players involved in the USSK project "Your Chance to Play" got opportunity to attend this unique event in Kosice. During the summer ice-hockey camp preparation, M. Bozik mainly appreciated USSK support. Financial contribution of the steelmaking company enabled the children to attend this attractive event, since all cost was born by USSK along with other sponsors.
According to Mr. Bozik´s statement, more and more young talents have joined the club. Based on last year experiences, parents and children could realize that lack of funds in family budget doesn´t have to be a major obstacle to sport development. Most important factor refers to children´s will to work on themselves, to train and dedicate free time to sport they are interested in. Therefore, amount of applications to HC Kosice and for attendance in project "Your Chance to Play" has been increased and I can say that any talented child that wants to and is interested in playing ice-hockey has our door opened." Prizes were awarded on Friday evening on the Steel Arena Ice Rink. Vice President of Civil Association Hokejovy Club Kosice Ms. Elena Petraskova came to the prize awards and she told to the children that similar camps would be organized in the future too. She handed over certificates with children´s photos on successful camp completion to the young ice-hockey talents in the name of HC Kosice as well as new ice-hockey sticks.

Hot Rolling Mill passed the biggest scheduled downtime this year

Hot Rolling Mill passed major scheduled downtime this year, during which No. 1 pusher furnace and hot wide-strip track was repaired. Repair began on Monday, July 16 and was completed 21 hours in advance on July 24 in the evening despite of extremely hot weather. Thus, a part of the staff could spend free weekend with their families. During hot wide-strip track downtime, rolling operators put in operation modernized scaling-spray equipment. The investment project is associated with production of galvanized sheets for automotive industry and guarantees more efficient removal of primary and secondary scaling with high-pressure water. The track has roughing and preparation stands transmissions and roller drays repaired as well as No. 2 coiler and renewed drive of vertical scaling breaker that had required detail attention by electricians.

More than 600 new parking lots

It seemed that 150 parking lots that were added to the existing parking capacity around USSK territory two years ago will do. However, there is still lack of free parking lots and this fact resulted in 600 more parking lots that will be built in proximity to the company entry gates. Project "Parking Expansion at USSK" is currently in process of final approval according to internal procedures. The documentation was prepared to expansion of current parking area behind the PR building and at the gate No. 3 close to Rolling Mills. In the first case, there will be 397 new parking lots and 210 new ones in the second case. U. S. Steel Kosice obtained territorial decision that precedes the building permit. Commencement of the building project is expected in September 2007 and should be completed in November 2007.

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